As Troubles Take Hold, Things Look Good For Gold

From the Desk of Craig Griffin, President and Founder of ITM Trading In these Market Updates I have been warning for months that the stock market has become very dangerous. This last week has been the worst week for the averages in sometime, as evidenced by these facts: The Dow closes at it’s lowest level since November 7, 2013. Dow, S&P 500 have biggest monthly percentage losses since May 2012. NASDAQ has the biggest monthly percentage drop since October 2012. … Read More »

Investing In Rare Gold Coins – Part Three

We will wrap up this three part series on some of the more interesting stories surrounding investing in rare gold coins by looking at the more unusual of these instances which centers around Mel Fisher. In the earlier pieces we discussed the Smithsonian Museum and it’s genesis from a gift of gold sovereign coins, and we looked at how Harry Bass assembled tens of millions of Dollars by buying many rare gold coins for less than $100 apiece. Perhaps the … Read More »

Investing In Rare Gold Coins – Part Two

In the first part of this article, which takes a quick look at some of the more interesting stories involving investing in rare gold coins, we looked at the Smithsonian Museum’s involvement in the preservation of rare gold coins, and learned that the Smithsonian got it’s start from a large donation of gold coins. We will also look at the Atocha shipwreck, but in this part, we will look at the rare gold coins of Harry Bass. As I stated … Read More »

Investing In Rare Gold Coins – Part One

Oftentimes when one hears the words “rare gold coins” those words are immediately linked in the mind with a museum exhibit or a rich old man with a long beard sitting in his library next to a roaring fireplace looking at rare gold coins through a magnifying glass. Those that have a little more adventurous spirit may conjure up images of a treasure hunting ship bobbing up and down on the ocean waters as divers a hundred feet below scour … Read More »

Answers To Commonly Asked Gold IRA Account Questions – Part Five

Over the years those that kept a keen eye on the gold coins market noticed a steadily upward trending value and price of those gold coins. Once they found out that they could open a gold backed IRA and take advantage of the taxing structure associated with a gold IRA, they picked up the phone to see what was involved in gold IRA investing, and sometimes that phone call came to my desk at ITM Trading. The callers had questions, … Read More »

Investing In Gold Coins

Investing in gold coins in the United States is a somewhat new phenomenon. You see, when the U.S. Treasury was operating as our Founding Fathers originally intended, you never saw signs that said “Sell Gold Coins” or “Gold Coins For Sale”, and there really was no need for a book on gold coin prices, because U.S. gold coins and U.S. silver coins were the default money of the day and if you wanted to know what a gold coin was … Read More »

Answers To Commonly Asked Gold IRA Account Questions – Part Four

One of the best parts about working for one of the best gold companies, ITM Trading, as a Senior Analyst was spending most of my days talking to very interesting clients. The types of people that own gold coins, or want to buy gold coins vary quite widely. Some have simply watched gold rise from $40 an ounce in the early ’70s, to over $1000 in thirty some years, and they want in on the action. Others are tired of … Read More »

Answers To Commonly Asked Gold IRA Account Questions – Part Three

Gold IRA investing is relatively simple. Perhaps the only easier investment vehicle is the 401k plan you have with your employer, but easy and simple are not the same. Easy is having your employer automatically set up a 401k as soon as your first paycheck is printed. Easy is having your employer choose to funnel your continuing contributions into company stock or a company fund unless you choose other directions for your retirement savings. If you do choose other directions, … Read More »

Are You Considering Gold As An Investment?

If you are considering gold as an investment, you probably have several questions, and as you may have found in life, quite often the answer to one question will give birth to yet another question. What you need is someone who has years and years of experience investing in gold, someone who can explain in easy terms how to invest in gold, and can tell you exactly when to invest in gold. Someone Who Knows Investing In Gold An ITM … Read More »

The Best Gold IRA

The best gold IRA is one you feel comfortable with. The worst gold IRA account is the one you never open. Opening a gold IRA account yourself is not exactly easy since there will be at least three companies involved: the company that has gold coins for sale, the banking company that opens the gold IRA account for you, and the vaulting company that will hold the gold coins, insured, on your behalf. If you are rolling over funds from … Read More »