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Top Ten Gold Movies

ITM Trading Presents: Movies Featuring Gold Here are a few of our all time favorite gold movies in no particular order. Goldfinger (1964) Cast members include: Sean Connery as James Bond, Honor Blackman as “Miss Galore” and Gert Fröbe as…

A-Mark’s Bullion Update

With the ruble depreciating 50% this year, the Russian central bank decided overnight to raise its benchmark interest rate by an astonishing 6.5%.  The currency crisis threatening Russia’s economy “forced” the central bank to increase rates from 10.50% to 17%. …

A-Mark’s Bullion Update

Gold climbed to its highest level in six weeks as a global equity sell off caused investors to flock to the safe haven appeal of the yellow metal.  News out of China was the catalyst for a wild day in…

The Bond Market Crashed on October 15th

Banks used to buy and sell bonds, which made it fast and easy for you to buy and sell bonds. Since the crisis began in 2007, they are no longer doing that, as witnessed by the chart below and report…

A-Mark’s Bullion Update

Gold and silver have followed up a wild start to the week with uninspiring trading action for the remainder of it.  While Monday had over 340,000 contracts trade on the active Comex February gold contract, today only had volume of 140,000…

A-Mark’s Bullion Update

Over the weekend, Swiss voters rejected a referendum that would have required the Swiss central bank to hold 20% of its assets in gold.  While the referendum wasn’t expected to pass, its definitive rejection set a bearish tone to the…

A-Mark’s Bullion Update

Despite the shortened trading week in the US with the Thanksgiving holiday, volume on the electronic exchange remains strong for the precious metals.  The US economy grew faster than anticipated in the third quarter with both consumer spending and business…

AENS Presentation Links

Thank you for your time at the AENS 2014 Annual Symposium, we hope you found great value in our presentation. To help you do your own due diligence we have provided some source links that will help you get started.…

A-Mark’s Bullion Update

Gold had a choppy session yesterday with 266,000 lots trading in Comex December gold, the fourth highest volume day of the contract thus far.  Gold tanked $20 to start yesterday’s session after a poll showed that Swiss voters will reject…


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