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Treasure From The Pirate Ship Whydah

The pirate ship Whydah (pronounced “WID-uh) first launched as a slave ship in 1715 in England as a square-rigged three-masted galley ship which means it was fitted with rowing stations on both sides of the ship. On its second voyage…

Rare Coiled Hair Stella

Known as one of the “white whales” in coin collecting circles because it is so rare, a 1880 $4.00 Coiled Hair Stella sold at auction for $2.75 million in Los Angeles recently. Unlike the Morgan silver dollar, the $4.00 Coiled…

Economic Sputtering

There has been some major economic disappointment for at least two members of the Federal Reserve. It seems our economy has been stuck somewhere between low gear and reverse for far too long. So think New York Fed President William…

National Debt Obesity

Reminiscent of an episode of “Lost In Space” the Congressional Budget Office has issued the alert “Warning, Will Robinson, Warning!” In this version, you and I are Will Robinson and collectively we make up a very large life form. The…

The Bloom Just Fell Off The Economic Rose, Again

Without trying to be ominous, a survey released on Friday the 13th (cue the thunder) indicated that consumer sentiment dropped to the lowest level since April of this year. It appears Americans are concerned about higher interest rates and the…

USA Today’s look back, and ITM’s Long-view of the 2008 Market / Banking Collapse

  This week – September 9-15 – USA Today is doing a multi-part series looking back at the banking crisis and stock market collapse of 2008. They ask several questions such as, “Could it happen again?”, and “What exactly happened?”…

Paul Volker Explains The “Volker Rule”

“Stockholders will get nothing ….and unsecured creditors will be at risk.” – Paul Volker

Gold Coins From The Temple Mount

In an area near the southern wall of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, known as the Ophel area, Dr. Eilat Mazar has uncovered two caches of valuable gold coins, silver jewelry and a gold medallion containing a symbol of a Menorah. Characterizing…

Wages, Inflation, and Price Comparisons in the U.S. Pre and Post Gold Standard

Remember the old stories about a nickel candy bar and ten cent gasoline? My, how far we have come, and the trip has only cost us $17 Trillion. When referring to the chart below, ask yourself this question: “How can…

Market Update September 2013 – #1

    FROM THE DESK OF CRAIG GRIFFIN   On Wednesday, September 18, 2013 the Federal Open Market Committee announced, as I thought they would, that they will not be cutting back on QE. Call it good news if you…


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