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2013 Year of the Snake Silver Bullion Coin from the Perth Mint

By: Admin 8/19/2013   Just about a year ago today, the Perth Mint unveiled it’s 2013 “Year of the Snake” silver bullion coin. The snake is the sixth animal which makes up the 12 year Chinese Zodiac calendar. These very…

2011 America The Beautiful “Glacier” 5oz Silver Coin

The Glacier National Park quarter was second in the series to be released in 2011 and in just the seventh overall in the America the Beautiful Quarters Program. This park draws it’s name  from the amazing scenery carved by glaciers…

Consumers Keeping Their Money Close

Although they do not advise the consumer of where to buy gold coins, the super-store Wal-Mart, is viewed as an economic predictor for many households, where they shop for groceries, home supplies and gasoline. Wage gains, which are slim to…

Gold Trend Rationale

On Thursday’s “Futures Now,” MacNeil Curry, the head of Global Technical Strategy at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, maintained that there is likely “further upside” for those interested in buying gold coins. Actually, he’s “looking for a move up to…

Golden Wives Of Past Presidents

The United States Mint’s $10 gold coin program honoring the First Wives of the United States is set to release the first issues this year in early fall. The gold coins measure one half ounce of .9999 fine gold and…

Hiding Gold

Once one has answered the question of whether or not to buy gold coins or not and have answered in the affirmative, the next logical question is what to do with them. There are those who advocate for securing them…

ITM Market Update

August 9, 2013 Below I have chosen to share some words of wisdom from the August 8th and August 9th, Daily Remarks section of Richard Russell’s Dow Theory Letters. Russell just turned 89 and his newsletter advisory is the oldest…

A Closer Look At Gold

Many people who are interested in buying gold coins wonder about the market and the gold in particular. For the last two years there has been a wide ranging decline in the prices of global commodities. There are probably justifications…

Where To Buy Gold Coins – Gold Fortune Goes Up For Auction

When a Carson City Nevada recluse quietly passed away in his home on June of 29, 2012 he left a glittering surprise for the cleaning crew that was given the task of cleaning up four decades worth of living in…


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