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Myths And Legends

Ever hear the expression “Everyone needs a hobby.” If one were to try and identify hobbies of the Federal government and Wall Street, (Oh, the possibilities!) one could do worse than identify the practice of sowing myths among the unsuspecting…

When Collecting and Investing Mix.

Some things, like peanut butter and jelly, and peas and carrots, just go together. Other things, like oil and water  don’t ever mix. But, from time to time, you get a combination that can work out for either good or…

Who am I listening to?

There was a time in this country when banks were nearly synonymous with gold and silver, but those days are behind us. Just 50 years ago, if you walked into a bank, and asked the bank president, “Should I invest…

Jobs On The Run

In the opinion of economist Gary Burtless, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, a think tank in Washington, D.C., as of the spring of 2013, he figures the U.S. was short around 7.4 million jobs. For those looking for work…

Recession Or Recovery

When Lakshman Achuthan of Economic Cycle Research Institure (ECRI) signaled a recession warning in September of 2011 and then reaffirmed a recession call in July of 2012 many were skeptical. It now appears that 95% of the population would agree…

Worse Than The Recession

Usually, four years after something so bad that it was called, not just “The Recession” but the Great Recession, things would be better for the average household, not worse. Yet in spite of all positive thinking, well wishing and coming…

Retail Responds To Depressing Sales Figures With Ho Ho Ho!

So far this year, retailers are worried they will be left with a lump of coal instead of gold coins in their stocking come year end and have moved up their holiday schedule in an attempt to turn around disappointing…

The Jobless Numbers Mixed Bag

If one is using the jobless rate as an indicator of how well this year’s summer of recovery is doing, it is by no means a crystal clear picture. It is more like looking through a semi-transparent, smudged and grime…

The New Bond “Normal”

Not long ago the word “Bond” was synonymous with good. A man’s word was his bond. Even James Bond would surface every few years to save the World on the silver screen. Now it turns out that the Bonds may…

Ron Paul – Gold Is Money, The Value Of The Dollar Will Go Down

“We’re going to see more Detroit’s.” – Ron Paul


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