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Physical Gold

In an interview, Ron Paul, who until recently was a Congressman and presidential candidate, had a few comments on the value of the Dollar and the future price of gold. “Eventually, if we’re not careful, it will go to infinity,…

The ECRI Forecast

“The stock market has called nine of the last five recessions.” Paul Samuelson. Economic forecasts are notoriously unreliable. Many have failed to recognize a recession until it’s well underway. Generally, forecasters use rigid models based on a set of backwards-looking…

Spain’s Economic Crisis

The economic uncertainty plaguing Europe has affected US markets as well, making now the best time to seek the safety of a gold investment. Spain has the 5th largest economy in the European Union, and the 4th largest in the…

Mysterious, ‘Sexy’ Nickel Sells For $3.17 Million

What is the best investment? The last time the Walton nickel was up for sale was 1944, when Walton bought it for $3750. Eighteen years later, Walton was killed in a car accident while on his way to a coin…

Ponzi Scheme Treasuries?

If the definition of a Ponzi scheme is “Borrowing from one source to pay for another in a seemingly endless loop until no one is left to feed new money into the system at which point the system collapses” ,…

“E-Ticket” Ride For The U.S. Economy

In a recent interview, Federal Reserve Bank’s former Chief Economist, David Stockton shared an interesting perspective in regards to the U.S. economy. The Fed presently purchases $85 billion in bonds every month and thereby injects currency into the economy. Stockton…

Chilean Gold Coins

There are many varieties of Chilean gold coins available, almost as many as there are theories as to how Chile got its name. One suggestion is that the name came from a Native American Mapuche word “chilli” meaning “where the…

MARKET UPDATE – June 7, 2013

From the Desk of Craig Griffin I have written that the economy is in recession according to Economic Cycle Research Institute (ECRI) and that I feel this is a very dangerous stock market! I have followed ECRI’s work closely for…

Wealth Divergence Again

To hear the Federal Reserve reports, you would think most Americans are rolling in the dough. According to the Fed total household wealth in the first quarter, climbed to a new high of $70.4 trillion. That figure is up from…

Impact of the Fed’s Policies

Americans began 2013 with enthusiasm and celebration as we narrowly avoided the dreaded fiscal cliff. Yet many experts feel that an even bigger cliff is looming on the horizon, and the blame is laid at the feet of the Federal…


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