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Solid Gold or Solid Social Security

The anxiety of many over the future of Social Security is on the rise and is causing numerous seniors to consider owning gold as an option to the dilemma. Due in part to a serious reduction of anticipated funding of…

Reserve Currency

For quite some time the U.S. politicians have been working on the demise of the Dollar as the world Reserve Currency. Moves by countries such as China and others recently have challenged the Dollar’s world reserve currency position. If the…

Alchemy, Magic and the Federal Reserve

While it was the objective of alchemists of old to transform some base metal into some precious metal, since 1933 the Federal Reserve has done one better. It creates money from thin air. Oh, but I exaggerate, the Fed doesn’t…

Buy Physical Gold

Only physical gold offers complete financial security where other methods only offer exposure. As long as the gold is purchased from a reputable dealer, there is no need to worry about fraudulent stocks or corrupt corporations. Having actual gold as…

Rising Interest Rates

Many market commentators have painted themselves into the fool’s corner by trying to anticipate just when Interest Rates would rise. As Robert Kuttner, author of the new “Debtors’ Prison: The Politics of Austerity Versus Prosperity” once penned in BusinessWeek, “What…

Gold Coins, Belgian 20 Franc

Due to the convoluted history of Belgium, and the many different countries that tried to assimilate it, the Gold Coins actually produced in Belgium are relatively limited in variety. The word ‘Belgium’ comes from the Roman province Gallia Belgica, in…

The Market and the Economy are not Synonymous

While, in a normal Economy, the market and the economy might be used as a gauge for each other, in our present situation, what seems good for one does not necessarily translate into something equally good for the other. Case…

1933 Confiscation and Ban on Gold

The years following the stock market crash marked the start of the Great Depression, still the worst in American history. Many banks had been forced to close and leave people stranded without their life savings. In response, others began making…

Gold May Signal Global Trouble

There are those who view the recent action in Gold as a potential indication of a wide-ranging shock in the economic and markets shock comparable to the collapse of hedge fund Long-Term Capital Management in 1998 and even the Great…

Bullish Long-term Outlook For Gold

As George Bernard Shaw said, “You have to choose between the natural stability of Gold and the natural stability of the honesty and intelligence of the members of the Government.” He continues, “And, with due respect for these gentlemen, I…


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