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Mirage Of Lower Unemployment Numbers

For all the optimistic talk regarding Unemployment and our economy in general, the U.S. is not progressing, and comparing this recession to previous recessions we appear to be going backwards, which is amazing considering the sheer amount of stimulus that…

Ed Schultz And ITM Trading

Ed Schultz was born to an Aeronautical Engineer Father and English Teacher Mother in Norfolk Virginia in 1954. Ed (Edward Andrew) enjoyed sports, particularly football, during his school years, and graduated from Maury High School in 1972. Ed went on…

Ron Paul: This Is Price Fixing At Its Worst

Watch the latest video at video.foxbusiness.com Ron Paul discusses Cyprus, Quantitative easing, bubbles, fixing the price of money, and a return to the gold standard.

When The Bond Market Blows Up

In a special report, InvestmentNews displays a provocative cover on the state of the Bond Market, “Tick, Tick… Boom!” and asks the question “What will your clients’ portfolios look like WHEN the bond bomb goes off?” (Emphasis added) Bond King,…

Peter Schiff Explains How The “Cypress Plan” Will Effect Inflation And Banks

Peter Schiff declares that banks are just a rate hike or two away from insolvency and all of the other guests scramble to put the cat back in the bag.

Cyprus Woes Amid Governmental Theft

In a move that sent shock waves across the globe, Eurozone finance ministers agreed to rescue loans for Cyprus if the government would tax (read Governmental Theft) cash from between 6.75% and 9.9% on those with money in Cyprus banks.…

Ahoy, Foreclosures Ahead

On the surface, things in the ocean of real estate business, especially Foreclosures seem almost calm. But below the surface trouble may be brewing. Good news/Bad news. In a report by an online repossession/sales data company, RealtyTrac, it states that…

Recovery or Recession

Depending who you listen to, we are either in a Recovery or Recession. To hear many pundits and financial talking heads about the Dow Jones Industrial Average pushing up to new levels and the official jobless rate at a four…

Generational Theft

If you read the Los Angeles Times recently you might have read an article titled “Deficit hawks’ ‘generational theft’ argument is a sham “ and states an interesting opinion that is reproduced, in part here in the following two paragraphs.…

Jim Rickards: Stocks Have Gone Sideways For Half A Generation

“I understand the dynamic of this, I don’t quite get the euphoria. So the Dow’s where it was over 5 years ago, the S&P is where it was 13 years ago, stocks have gone nowhere for 1/2 a generation. That…


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