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US May Face Another Economic Crisis, Says Roubini

The deal that reached just on time saved the US from another fiscal cliff, said Nouriel Roubini, the chairman of Roubini Global Economics, in an opinion piece published in the Financial Times newspaper. However, Roubini said that the U.S may…

US Monetary Policy: Can you Bank on Your Banks

If you have been busy with other things during the course of the week, you might have missed the strange debate centered on the future of the fiscal policy and monetary policy and the continual decline in distinction between the…

PIMCO’s Gross Warns of Inflation

Bill Gross, the founder and co-chief investment officer of PIMCO, warned investors about the perils of the Federal Reserve’s massive monetary stimulus in his January investment outlook entitled “Money for Nothing, Writing Checks For Free.” This is not the first…

Australian Prospector Finds Huge Gold Nugget

An amateur prospector in the Australian state of Victoria has turned lucky by unearthing a huge gold nugget weighting 5.5 Kg or 177 ounces. The gold nugget is estimated to have a value of A$300,000 or US$315,000. The nugget which…

Mexico Bans Huge Cash Transactions

Felipe Calderon, the retiring Mexican President, signs into law a bar on huge cash transactions in the country. A government effort to control money flows into the country, this law will be effective in around three months. It will create…

Bitcoin Software Unavailable in Iran amidst Hyperinflation

As hyperinflation rages in Iran, the Iranian government has increased control over currency exchange sites such as Mazanex.com and Mesghal.com. These websites had blanked out rates for the Rial’s value against other currencies in September 2012. Many leading foreign airlines…

Through the Eyes of the Bullion Bar

Surprisingly, there is not too much gold left in the world and the following account attempts a summary of all that exists at present. Here, the price has been benchmarked as $2000 for each ounce. When gold prices hit the…

Initial Signs of a Global Currency War

Confronted by sluggish and uneven recovery trends worldwide, countries are left with no other option but to deplete their currency values for in order to remain in competition. Japan has already set the ball rolling by setting up the platform…

Rising Saving Account Withdrawals Force Egypt to Impose New Currency Controls

Egypt which is facing a deep financial crisis with surging outflows has announced new currency control measures. These measures call for a ban on traveling with more than $10,000 in cash and are a result of the fast increase in…

Bond Bubble to Create Bigger Crisis than Real Estate Says Casey

Sparse hiring has been reportedly thwarting the growth of the American economy which has registered a moderate growth since last November. This was stated in the Beige Book published by the Federal Reserve this Wednesday. And, according to the Wall…


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