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Recession, It Doesn’t Feel Like A Recession

Ever since Lakshman Achuthan made the call for Recession by mid 2012 back in September of 2011, people have been looking around and puzzling about the apparent lack of recession. But even back in 2011 Mr. Achuthan clarified the timing…

Germans Tracking Their Gold Reserves Worldwide

According to a German federal court, annual audits and physical inspection should be done by the country’s central bank for its Gold Reserves worldwide, as well as reserves that are in the custody of the Federal Reserve Bank of New…

Germans Stock Up Gold Reserves

Where do the Germans stock up their Gold Reserves? In Germany of course, you might say! It is indeed a silly question! All of Germany’s gold reserves are likely to be packed off safely in a deep vault, at a…

Greece Prime Issue for Euro Zone

The downward spiral in Greece resurfaced as a prime issue of the Euro Zone. Both economists as well as analysts are warning that the country is closer than it was ever before to running out of cash reserves. Therefore, the…

Guess the Price of Gold in January 2014

There are various long-term graphs that clearly depict a correlation between the price of gold and other monetary forms. Most of the graphs show that one form surpasses the other, until the other gears up. However, let us consider the…

Protest Against Lost Money by Spaniards

Going by the reports of The Wall Street Journal, Spaniards, who had to face Lost Money on bonds, are protesting against banks like novagalicia for misguiding them about the complex securities. Every day, people are gathering in huge numbers, in…

European Debt Crisis Effecting Growth Projects for 2013

The intensifying of the European Debt Crisis has brought about quite a few unfavorable tweaks in the growth projections for 2012 and 2013. For instance, the International Monetary Fund or the IMF has reportedly cut its growth forecast figures. The…

Lackluster Performance for Global Stocks

As analysts have observed, Global Stocks have been registering performances that can be best termed as “lackluster” in the recent past and some believe that the dismal performance could in fact be proof of an “air pocket” in the market,…

World Economy Headed Towards Recession

The governor of the Bank of Israel, Stanley Fischer, has declared that the world economy is clearly headed towards a Recession, which is literally breathing down our necks! Fischer also supports the increases in quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve,…

Financial Markets Feel Full Impact of 2008

The Financial Markets finally felt the full impact of the Doomsday Cycle in 2007-08, in the backdrop of the fall of giants like Lehman Brothers, banks in Ireland and Iceland. To add to this, there were too many lending programs…


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