The Difference between “Note” and “Asset”

What has become unclear to most Americans (and many around the world) is the difference between A Note And Asset. As times have changed and “progress” has been made, some things that seemed clear and simple in the past have become more vague, and some would say “Obfuscated”.  “Obfuscated?” you ask? Yes. From Webster’s Dictionary obfuscate means:  to be evasive, unclear, or confusing.  Why does this matter? Because Notes are not Assets and Assets are not Notes, and if you … Read More »

Morgan Stanley Belief in Copper Silver and Gold

Morgan Stanley has reemphasized its belief in copper, Silver and Gold, stating that they would clearly beat the other metals hands down. This declaration comes in the wake of the continuing surge in investor demand, the silver and gold being bolstered due to central bank purchases and supply deficits offer benefits for the metal being used in wires. According to a report published by on October 4, 2012, analysts Peter Richardson and Joel Crane say, “Central bank policies ensure conditions … Read More »

Dennis Gartman Bullish on Gold: “Don’t Fade it”

Following a Bank of America Merrill analyst’s projection about Gold hitting $2,400 in the next two years, Gartman Letter editor Dennis Gartman expressed his doubts about the figure to CNBC, but his opinion on the yellow metal to ‘Fast Money’ was clear. “I think clearly the trend in gold is from the lower left to the upper right… Clearly, it’s moving higher. Clearly, the expansion of the monetary aggregates is going to drive gold prices upward. It is a bull … Read More »

Faltering Economy for Battered Britain and Argentina

Sadly enough, Britain of 2012 is an image of the Faltering Economy of battered Argentina of 2002. There is a striking similarity between the economic condition of the two nations – the problems that seem to be plaguing Argentina about 10 years ago and the ones faced by Britain in 2012. In both these cases, the governing authorities believed that they could actually avert a debt crisis through their tricky moves. Way back in 2002, every move made in Argentina … Read More »

Gold Prices Could Surge to $2,400

QE3, the third round of quantitative easing announced by the Fed, could cause Gold Prices to rally, with the precious metal reaching an all time high of $2,400 per ounce by the summer of 2014. BlackRock fund manager Evy Hambro has predicted gold prices to skyrocket through next summer, boosted by the latest round of quantitative easing by the US Fed. The first round of quantitative easing in early 2009 resulted in a jump in gold prices from $900 per … Read More »

Gold Prices to Surge 36% through 2014

Among the most bullish predictions for Gold Prices following the Fed’s announcement of another round of easing in the second week of September was by a BofA strategist, who expects the precious metal’s price to surge 36% by end-2014 to reach $2,400 per ounce. Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s investment strategist Francisco Blanch said, “The new target reflects our view that the Fed will maintain mortgage purchases until the end of 2014 and will move to buy Treasuries following the … Read More »

Urgent Corrective Action to Resolve Europe Financial Crisis

Noble Prize winning economist, Joseph Stiglitz has called for immediate action by European nations to manage Financial Crisis, that the region is facing. In an interview in Geneva on September 24, Stiglitz said that European nations should consider mutualization of their debts to ease the high interest rate problem faced by Spain and Greece. To prevent capital flight in Europe, the countries in the region should decide on the formation and implementation of a banking union with deposit insurance, said Stiglitz, … Read More »