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The Different Types of US Gold Mint Coins

According to a recent news report by CoinNews.net (June 20, 2012), the up trending of US Gold and platinum coins’ prices will continue. The price of US Gold Mint coins may rise further if the prices of its constituent metals…

US Gold Coins: The First Spouse Series of 2012

The United States Mint is continuing with the chronological First Spouse series of US Gold Coins in 2012 to honor the wives of Presidents who had served the nation. The series was begun in 2007 when four types of gold…

Most Valuable Rare Gold Coins in the US

In a recent revelation, a company called Lear Capital based in Los Angeles was successful in gathering four out of eight of the Rare Gold Coins known as Stella gold coins. The four coins of original four dollar value are…

Joint Venture to Boost Sales of All Types of Gold Coins

The owners of Legend Numismatics Inc and Morphy Auctions have joined hands in an effort to boost sales of numismatic Gold Coins. They agreed on taking this innovative approach on June 6th, 2012 in Denver. The new venture titled Legend…

Twenty Dollar Gold Coins: Things You Should Know

The US mint reported a significant decline in the sales of gold eagle coins in the month of April 2012 which are quite different form the old Twenty Dollar Gold Coins . According to US mint data only 20,000 ounces…

Weak Economic Data leads to Increased Gold Prices, Gold Trading

The weak economic data released by US authorities has been putting pressure on the US dollar and has led to an increase in the Gold Prices, which had slid down to below $1600 an ounce in May this year. Gold…

US Mint Initiates Sale of Acadia National Park Quarters

The US Mint has initiated the sales of the 2012 America the Beautiful Three Coin set, which features the Acadia National Park Quarters. This is the thirteenth release under the America the Beautiful Quarters program and each three piece set…

US Gold Coins The 2011 Gold Eagle and 2012 Gold Buffalo

As of this Tuesday, June 12, 2012, US Gold Coins and gold in general registered the third consecutive price hike in straight sessions owing to the broadening of the safe-haven demand. According to the assessments put forth by Bill O’Neill…

Rare Gold Coins Some Popular Variants Discussed

In an interesting development, a $3 Rare Gold Coin is all slated to fetch a whopping $4 million when it is put up for auction this month (June). Surprisingly, this 1870-S $3 gold piece, happens to be one of the…

Liberty Gold Coins

The $20 Liberty Gold Coins as well as the $20 Saint Gaudens are highly promoted online. If you are an investor wishing to bank on them there would be several websites to gather information from before you buy. It would…


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