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Three Types of Saint Gaudens $20 US Mint Gold Coins

The first quarter of the year 2012 saw an upward trend in the demand for US mint gold coins as well as silver coins. One of the oldest numismatic firms owned by a family, Kagin’s Inc.’s President, Don Kagin said…

Things to Know About The US Mint

Numismatic as well as commemorative gold coins of The US Mint are going to witness a price cut on April 11, 2012. The slash in prices will be carried out based on the pricing policy of the bureau, in accordance…

Knowing More about US Gold Coins

According to trends published on April 11, 2012, commemorative US Gold Coins as well as numismatic US gold coins of other variants originating from the US Mint are well positioned for price reductions. This trend has been based upon the…

Types of Gold Coins: Features of the Austrian Vienna Philharmonic

A new guide has been published to help buyers make an informed decision while planning to purchase different types of Gold Coins. Michael MacDonald reveals that as per data collected by Yahoo! Finance, investments in ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are…

Two of The Most Famous Twenty Dollar Gold Coins Minted in US

Most Popular US Twenty Dollar Gold Coins Twenty dollar gold coins minted in the United States are commonly referred to as the Double Eagle. These gold coins are of two types, one with the Liberty design and the other with…

Rare Gold Coins—All About The Coveted $4 Stellas

According to a news piece published on April 16, 2012, a company headquartered in West LA has managed to set up a collection of $4 Rare Gold Coins and possibly the finest and rarest ever! This coveted set of four…

Governments and Central Banks Craft How We Think

The job of the government and Central Banks is to craft how we think, therefore how we behave. If they can get us to voluntarily participate as they want, it supports their goals to transfer our wealth their way through…

Buying Gold Coins—News you can Use

Braving a loss that exceeded $20 this Friday, the prospects of Buying Gold was elevated as gold marched ahead by 1.8% this week as of April 15, 2012. This could prove to be useful information for those buying gold coins…

Buy Gold Coins: Varieties of US Gold Coins

US Gold Coins: Categories of Coins Available For Purchase in the US The most impressive aspect of buying US minted gold coins is that they are recognized all over the world. Gold Traders broadly put them under two categories, which…

5 Popular Gold Bullion Coins of the World

Gold Bullion Coins are considered by many to be a good option if one wants to purchase gold. However, it is advisable that one consults professionals dealing in gold trading to know the pros and cons of buying gold and…


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