Wandering In The Treasury Desert

One of the biggest risks with The Treasury, many experts say, is for investors holding Treasuries and the potential for a long rise in interest rates, which would wither prices of current bonds and result in losses. Another risk these days is inflation, which like rust, seems to never sleep. The worry for many investors is that the three-decade-long decline in interest rates, with its corresponding rise in bond prices, is close to the end. The rally began in 1981, … Read More »


Change is in the Air Many analysts are saying these markets are changing. From Richard Russell’s Dow Theory Letter, “Even as the Dow continued to creep higher, the internals of the market started to deteriorate. Finally the internal deterioration caught up with the generals and the Dow was caught in the weakening. Up until now, the rising Dow masked the deterioration that was occurring under the surface. Recently the Dow declined on 9 out of 10 trading sessions, the longest … Read More »

Bad Job Numbers

The employment Job Numbers grew by an anemic 115,000 jobs in April. This amount is much less than what is needed just to stay even with the natural population growth, let alone the number already out of work. This may sound like it is at odds with the latest decline in the unemployment rate of 8.1 percent until one realizes that the fall is a result of another 522,000 adults that quit looking for work and dropped off the roll. … Read More »

Of Debt And Indebtedness

There is little debate that the U.S. Debt is in a bad way and getting worse. It has ballooned over 100% since 2000, when it was just $5.75 trillion. Amazingly, in spite of constantly growing debt levels, individuals and countries around the globe continue to persist in their demand for U.S. debt. With almost blind faith they bet on the strength of the American taxpayers and government revenues generated by the country’s economic traffic. In the minds of many, it … Read More »

Weekly Market Update – May 2, 2012

In 1971 a family of four could live comfortably on a professional’s salary of $12,000, which was well above the average income of $9,400. If that annual salary had been paid in gold it would have equaled 342 ounces. If we did not get a raise but were still paid in the same number of ounces of gold, as of this writing, with gold spot at $1,652.60, your annual salary in terms of dollars would be $565,189.20. Even the average … Read More »

U.S. Risks Walking Off A Fiscal Cliff

During the Milken conference in Los Angeles two Federal Reserve Presidents raised the warning that the U.S. might be moving towards a “Fiscal Cliff” at the end of this year if slated tax increases and spending cuts are put into effect. Charles Evans of the Chicago Fed termed the cliff a “big uncertainty” while Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart said there could be a “financial shock” if markets begin to anticipate that Congress and the White House do little to … Read More »

Gold Coins: First Spouse Series

The US mint has received a strong response on the sale of the proof version of the James Buchanan’s First Spouse Gold Coins. The stronger sales of this coin series is attributable to the classic depiction of the Liberty used on the obverse side. These coins are highly demanded by collectors for their historical significance and uniqueness. The coin was offered for sale on September 2, 2010 and was sold out in less than five months. The obverse of the … Read More »

Gold Trading Company

When you consider seeking assistance from a Gold Trading company for making investments in gold, knowledge of the current values of gold and silver coins is always essential. In March 2012, the sales figures for the American Eagle gold coins as well as the silver bullion rebounded as investors provided for several pricing dips. The American Eagle silver reached 2.542 million, escalating by 70.6% from the month of February when the lowest sales figures of 1.49 million were registered. A … Read More »

Gold Coins—New Launches to Consider

Five products of differing sizes offer the “2012-W Proof Gold Eagles” and are some of the newer Gold Coins and coin assortments to consider if you are planning to invest in gold around this year. On April 19, 2012, the “2012 W Proof American Gold Eagles” will be launched. The prices of the coins will vary depending upon the amount of gold they are made of. The prices for each of the variants introduced would only be made available during … Read More »

20 Saint Gaudens and others are “No Longer Available”

The best known US gold coins minted before 1933 include the 20 Saint Gaudens also known as Double Eagles and the $20 Liberty series. In a more recent development, the US Mint has announced that it is no longer selling the individual “W $5 Proof American Gold Eagle”, as reported in news published on April 12, 2012. This 1/10 ounce value 22 karat coin has now been added to the “No Longer Available” section of the mint website along with … Read More »