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Friday Market Update 1/27/2012

ANNUAL KAHUNA MEETING It’s time for Davos, the world economic forum, again. But this year is different. Gone is the hubris of the elite and in its place is fear. George Soros said, “At times like these, survival is the…

Financial Crisis And An Accident Prone Economy

The financial crisis in Europe has commenced a “perilous new phase” that could handicap global economic growth even with a best case scenario, so said a report from the International Monetary Fund on Tuesday. To make matters worse, the threat…

Gold Prices, Will They Rise – Financial Market Expert Opinions

Will the prise of gold rise by opinions of financial market experts

Gold Financial Market Videos

Relevant gold trading and financial market videos from leading experts on matters that effect your money.

European Central Bank And The European Union

The ECB (European Central Bank) stands ready with unlimited cash for banks as lenders try to reposition more than $765 billion of debt that matures this year, just as institutional buyers remain disinclined to purchase debt from all but the most…

St. Gaudens Gold Coin: The Most Popular Twenty Dollar Piece

The US Mint issued twenty dollar gold coins from 1850-1933. These coins were meant for circulation and were used to exchange gold, both internationally and in the US banking system

Buying Rare Gold Coins

Gold demand in the third quarter of 2011 reached 1053.9 tonnes, an increase of 6% from the previous year?s figures.

Top 5 FAQs on Numismatic Coins

A 1793 minted one-cent copper coin was sold for $1 million at a coin show held by Orange County Convention Centre?s Florida United Numismatics on January 8, 2012.

Discoveries of Gold Reserves

Following the discoveries of vast reserves of gold in California in the 19th century and the second gold rush, the US government was forced to change its stance on minting gold coins.

Gold Trading: Ways of Buying Gold

According to a report published in 2011 by the World Gold Council, global demand for gold in the third quarter of 2011 increased 6% year-on-year to reach 1053.9 tonnes, up from 991.9 tonnes in the third quarter of 2010.


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