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The Difference between the Physical & Digital Gold Markets

By: Lynette Zang The CME raised the margin requirements on gold by 27% and silver by 21% for the second time in September. The Shanghi Gold Exchange raised margin requirements on gold too. That means that if hedge funds and…

How does Gold Correlate to Stocks and the Dollar?

It is impossible to predict with 100% accuracy what will happen to gold when stocks fall in value because the two markets are not perfectly correlated or perfectly uncorrelated.  Sometimes the markets move together and other times they move apart. …

Friday Market Update 11/11/11

First of all, we wish to thank all veterans for their service, not just today, but every day. You have made the ultimate sacrifice by putting your home life on hold and risking everything. We owe you more than can…

Too Big to Fail…Too Big to Bail

By: Lynette Zang Overnight, the 10 year Italian bond interest rates went over 7%. For Portugal, Ireland and Greece, this was the tipping point that drove them to seek a “Bailout.” I had just written about this on Friday, but…

Chinese Gold Imports Soaring

The price of gold reached a record of over $1,920 per ounce in September and then pulled back sharply to $1,534 per ounce later in the month.  On this drop many traders jumped at the opportunity to buy gold cheap. …

Market Update 11/4/2011

Surprise, surprise, Wall Street didn’t learn a lesson from the 30 to 1 derivative leverage that brought the biggest banks to their knees in 2008. MF Global’s John Corzine, leveraged MF Global 40 to 1 (derivative leverage) and allegedly co-mingled…

Debt is Dragging us Down

By: Lynette Zang In a statement after the FMOC meeting, Bernanke said that more stimulus is on the table as risks to the US economy remain. He also said that interest rates would remain near zero and additional tools that…

Buy Gold Coins: Popular Bullion Gold Coins

According to Reuters, the price of gold had risen by nearly 17 percent in 2011 alone. The Wall Street Journal reported on October 6, 2011, that spot gold was at $1,646.90 a troy ounce, up $4.30 from its previous close.

Rare 20 Saint Gaudens 1921 Fetches $126,500 at Heritage Auctions

Diego Parilla said, ?As of February 2011, a rare collectible 20 Saint Gaudens 1921 made $126,500 to become the top lot of the auction.

World’s Most Expensive Numismatic Gold Coins

Diego Parilla said, ?On October 2, 2011, the first Hellenistic gold coin ever struck was put up for auction in London. The estimated value of the coin is ?200,000.


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