Central Banks to the Rescue!

By: Lynette Zang Overnight many of the global centrals banks came together to abort a money market and bank run in Europe (think back to 2008 in the US). This extraordinary action makes it quite clear that the global banking system was on the very edge of collapse. This action is intended to calm the markets, but like the many extraordinary actions that have taken place since 2008, the happiness shown in the market today, is most likely to be … Read More »

Gold Scams to Avoid

Here at ITM Trading we pride ourselves on transparency with every transaction our clients make.  Unfortunately there are other companies out there who do not take the same pride in their work.  Therefore there are some common gold scams to avoid in the marketplace. Criminals and scammers will always enter a hot market in order to make a quick buck and gold just happens to be on an eleven year hot streak.  As a result many fly-by-night operations have sprung … Read More »

Jim Rogers says “Don’t Sell Your Gold”

Jim Rogers, a very well known economist and frequently seen on news channels, was interviewed on CNBC today.  Jim is well known for his bullish views on gold and has long been an advocate for the metal. Right out of the gate Jim says that the $850/oz high set in 1980 if adjusted for inflation would be $2,400/oz, but he believes it will go much higher than that within the decade due to the fact that governments around the world … Read More »

Increased Central Bank Monetary Easing Worldwide

The average worldwide central bank interest rate is projected to fall to 1.79% from 2.16% by June, the largest drop since 2009 according to JP Morgan Chase.  The last time a drop in rates this dramatic occurred 15 central banks all cut rates around the same time.  If you recall at that time the stock market was recovering from a massive downturn. Usually when this type of rate cutting event occurs it means that planners see slowing growth or already … Read More »

Gold Reserves possibly back Euro Bonds

Since the beginning of the euro zone mess investors and hedge funds have brought up the idea of using gold reserves to back bailout money.  It is a great concept as the euro zone central banks have 10,792 tonnes of gold which is about 6.5% of all gold ever mined and is worth around $590 billion. Until recently it has only been referred to by gold bugs as a possible solution, but deep in report by European Commission study on … Read More »

Friday Market Update 11/18/2011

Happy Thanksgiving. The cost of an average Thanksgiving meal is up 13% between 2010 and 2011 according to the Arizona Farm Bureau. In addition, they have now begun tracking the cost of those same items that are certified organic, a very interesting development. It goes to show you that if enough Americans participate in a movement, there is change. Speaking of change… The party is over at Zuccotti Park. Tuesday afternoon, a state Supreme Court judge upheld the city’s right … Read More »