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Central Banks to the Rescue!

By: Lynette Zang Overnight many of the global centrals banks came together to abort a money market and bank run in Europe (think back to 2008 in the US). This extraordinary action makes it quite clear that the global banking…

Gold Scams to Avoid

Here at ITM Trading we pride ourselves on transparency with every transaction our clients make.  Unfortunately there are other companies out there who do not take the same pride in their work.  Therefore there are some common gold scams to…

Avoiding Gold Scams with ITM Trading

At ITM Trading we are constantly helping people avoid common gold scams that are out there in the market today. As with any business there are pitfalls to avoid, and with the gold market on an eleven year run, one…

Why You Should Approach a Gold Trading Company

The uncertainty of an economic recovery have stoked interest in investments that could actually push gold above $1,300 an ounce in 2010. Investors hoping to benefit from this are approaching gold trading company professionals.

How to Choose a Gold Trading Company and Avoid Scams

UBS executive Josef Stadler said at the Reuters Global Private Banking Summit that the fear of a downturn has led to a hike in demand for gold bullions, while boosting the appetite for exchange trade funds and mining company shares.

US Mint Gold Coins and Avoidable Scams

Back in July 2011, based on the sudden spurt of growth in the spot gold prices, respected economists like Paul Krugman suggested simplistic assertions such that gold is a bubble that is bound to burst soon.

Jim Rogers says “Don’t Sell Your Gold”

Jim Rogers, a very well known economist and frequently seen on news channels, was interviewed on CNBC today.  Jim is well known for his bullish views on gold and has long been an advocate for the metal. Right out of…

Increased Central Bank Monetary Easing Worldwide

The average worldwide central bank interest rate is projected to fall to 1.79% from 2.16% by June, the largest drop since 2009 according to JP Morgan Chase.  The last time a drop in rates this dramatic occurred 15 central banks…

Gold Reserves possibly back Euro Bonds

Since the beginning of the euro zone mess investors and hedge funds have brought up the idea of using gold reserves to back bailout money.  It is a great concept as the euro zone central banks have 10,792 tonnes of…

Friday Market Update 11/18/2011

Happy Thanksgiving. The cost of an average Thanksgiving meal is up 13% between 2010 and 2011 according to the Arizona Farm Bureau. In addition, they have now begun tracking the cost of those same items that are certified organic, a…


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