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US Mint Gold Coins: 2011 Releases

The United States Mint has scheduled and revealed the tentative dates for the release of the 2011 US Mint Gold Coins. Although there is a possibility that these dates might be changed, according to reports in the Coin Update, the…

Investing in US Gold Coins

In the last three months alone, gold prices have seen a meteoric rise from $1670/oz. (average in July, 2011) to prices that have crossed the $1900/oz. mark twice this week.

US Gold Mint: Network and Sales

The US gold mint launched a one dollar gold coin in tribute to Abraham Lincoln on November 18, 2010. The new coin, with the obverse of Lincoln?s image, was unveiled at a ceremony at President Lincoln?s Cottage in Washington, DC.…

U.S. Gold Coins

U.S. Gold Coins US gold coins are some of the best ways to own gold. They are available in a variety of types and offer a wide array of benefits. The first thing to understand is that there are two…

Types of Gold Coins Minted in the United States

Gold price crossed the $1,000 mark in March 2008, reaching a nominal high of $1,004.38. Despite marginal ups and downs since then, gold prices witnessed a spike in October 2009, reaching a peak of $1,226.

Some Unique US Gold Mint Coins

In terms of value, this demand was equivalent to $43.7 billion. The demand for physical gold bars and coins was at 366.4 tonnes, which had a value equivalent of $16.3 billion.

Types of St. Gaudens $20 Gold Pieces

gold coin collectors and gold coin buyers for the pure gold content have high demand for $20 gold pieces including the different types of $20 St. Gaudens from the No Motto to the With Motto each with its own value…

Types of Liberty $20 Gold Pieces

There are different types of $20 Liberty gold pieces that range from the ultra rare with only a few in mint state to the most common Type Three numismatic gold coin with just over 200,000 in mint state.

Types of Gold Coins for Investment in the US

Together, these three companies own 2088 tons of gold; the figure representative of the volume produced by the US in a decade. According to Michael Pento, Euro Pacific Capital?s chief economist, it is not the right time to sell the…

Types of US Mint Gold Coins

Different types of US Mint Gold Coins including pre 1933 gold, American Eagle gold buillion, St. Gaudens, Liberty $20, and more.


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