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Australia Introduces World’s Largest Gold Coin

Last week the Australian Perth Mint unveiled the world’s largest gold coin ever created.  The coin is over one ton (2,231 pounds) and measures 31 inches wide by 4.7 inches thick.  It is 99.99% pure gold and took the mint…

Types of Liberty $20 Gold Pieces

There are different types of $20 Liberty gold pieces that range from the ultra rare with only a few in mint state to the most common Type Three numismatic gold coin with just over 200,000 in mint state.

Types of Gold Coins for Investment in the US

Together, these three companies own 2088 tons of gold; the figure representative of the volume produced by the US in a decade. According to Michael Pento, Euro Pacific Capital?s chief economist, it is not the right time to sell the…

Types of US Mint Gold Coins

Different types of US Mint Gold Coins including pre 1933 gold, American Eagle gold buillion, St. Gaudens, Liberty $20, and more.

Types of Gold Bullion

Types of Gold Bullion When most people think of gold, they tend to envision a shiny, yellow metal. While this depiction is certainly accurate, what most people do not realize is that there are many different types of gold, especially…

Types of Gold Coins

Gold breached the coveted $1,900 per ounce mark, surpassing platinum on September 3, 2011. Despite the skyrocketing prices, the Indian festive season being round the corner seems to be setting a strong backstage for various types of gold investments.

Two Types of Gold Coins

Two Types of Gold Coins There are many types of gold coins from which to choose. Gold coins can be categorized into two broad types: numismatic gold coins and gold bullion coins. Gold Bullion Coins Gold bullion coins are coins…

Performance of the Twenty Dollar Gold Coin

Gold prices have historically risen during economic instability in the US. However, even with the American economy on the rebound, gold prices have continued to rise.

Twenty Dollar Gold Coin: Part of a Proud Collection

The Twenty Dollar Gold Coin minted in America has always been popular with gold investors. Since a $10 gold coin minted at that time was called Eagle, the $20 gold coin came to be known as Double Eagle.

Twenty Dollar Gold Coin

The twenty dollar gold coin (1838 to 1933) is among the most widely demanded US mint gold coins. The production of these coins came to a halt in 1933 and most of these were melted the same year by the…


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