Friday Market Update 9/30/2011

By: Lynette Zang I’m sorry to say this, but it appears that we are about to enter a new recession, though many think the old one never ended. This morning Lakshman Achuthan of Economic Cycle Research Institute, who is absolutely brilliant, announced on CNBC that there is a situation whereby 100% of the leading economic indicators are saying that we are heading into a new recession. For the past 20 years ECRI’s track record has been impeccable. Achuthan further said … Read More »

Largest Discovery of Silver found on Shipwreck

In February of 1941 a British merchant vessel, carrying Silver, named the SS Gairsoppa was torpedoed by a German submarine 300 miles off the coast of Ireland in international waters. Ships that carries the type of cargo that she was carrying is normally escorted by a military ship for protection. As they were sailing the Gairsoppa was running low on fuel and due to strong headwinds, heavy cargo and high seas it needed to leave her convoy and head for … Read More »

Gold selling off: is the run over?

Gold has had a tremendous 10 years rising from around $270 per ounce in 2001 all the way up to $1,900/oz earlier this month, a gain of over 600%.  Since topping out at $1,900/oz gold has pulled back over 15% in the last few weeks to around $1,600/oz, but does this mean the “gold bubble” has burst? For those of us that already own gold it is comforting to know that this type of sell-off has happened before, multiple times.  … Read More »

Friday Market Update 9/23/2011

This week’s wrap up: By: Lynette Zang The big question we have been getting this week is “What is going on with these markets?” Oh so many things, but the primary issue remains centered around an imminent debt default by Greece, which many say could happen this weekend. We shall see. The IMF (International Monetary Fund) came out with a gloomy global outlook and the Federal Reserve did the same for the US. In addition, the Federal Reserve announced the … Read More »

Percentage of Interest Expense Rolled over in our National Debt

How much of the current 14.6 trillion in total National Debt is accrued interest? By Lynette Zang: Some have said up to 45%, but I prefer to do my own analysis. So I went to the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) and the Federal Reserve and used their data for this study. I had to make some assumptions (which I will cover) so I cannot tell you that what I’m about to show you is 100% accurate. I did however send … Read More »

More Easing by the Federal Reserve

Against the wishes of many republicans in congress, the Federal Reserve announced today that it would use its portfolio of $2.85 trillion in bonds to purchase $400 billion of longer-term treasuries. This move would push long-term rates down creating stimulus in the mortgage market by pushing 30 year mortgage rates down. The Fed hopes that this will create more refinancing which will free up consumer’s cash and create more buying of consumer goods. The only problem I see with this … Read More »

2012 Release of the Canadian Cougars

The Royal Canadian Mint released 1,000,000 Canadian Cougars, part of a 6-coin series called the Wildlife Series which has garnered much attention and love by investors and collectors of silver coins. The series started with the 2011 Canadian Timber Wolves then transitioned to the 2011 Canadian Grizzly, and its newly released 2012 Canadian Cougar. All of these coins are 1oz of .9999 pure silver. The Cougar is the third coin in the series and the first of two to be … Read More »

Friday Market Update 9/16/2011

This week’s wrap up: By: Lynette Zang Sadly, the US now has the highest poverty rate ever recorded since they began tracking it back in the 1950’s. As jobless claims rose this week, unemployment continues around 9.1% and the plan is to extend unemployment benefits out to two years.  Not surprisingly, retail sales were flat for the quarter. Looks like Bennie and the Feds finally got their wish. The CPI (consumer price index) shows core inflation (no food or energy … Read More »

Jim Rickards on the Price of Gold

Jim Rickards was recently interviewed by Eric King, of King World News and Jim had some very interesting things to say about gold and the Price Of Gold. So interesting that I figured a blog post about it would be good for our clients to read. I encourage you to read exactly what he said at Jim believes that the Fed is out of ammunition and therefore the IMF will need to step in during another major global economic … Read More »

Greece, Talk of Default

Nobody knows for sure what is going to happen with Greece and their debt/Default problem but the credit default swaps are pricing in a 95% chance that Greece will default on their debt. Standard pricing models calculate that if Greece defaults that bond holders will only recover 38% of their original investment which puts the chance of default at 95%. The 38% figure comes from the CMA which compiles the quotes of dealers in the privately negotiated credit-swaps market. This … Read More »