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Do I need to be a Coin Collector to buy Numismatics?

This is a frequently asked question and rightfully so, the classification of Numismatics are coins that are rare or unusual, or have a special value to collectors. The classification alone means collector coins, however this classification lends benefits to this…

GLD vs. Physical Gold

In the simplest way to differentiate the two, GLD is paper gold that says you own a percentage of gold held in a trust, like a stock; Physical Gold is tangible, you hold it in your hand and own 100%.…

Chinese Citizens are Buying Gold

The Chinese government has been recommending that their citizens buy gold and silver for a few years now and the people have Chinese been unfazed by record high prices, Buying Gold in August at record levels.  Some jewelry shop owners…

Friday Market Update 8/26/2011

This week’s wrap up: By: Lynette Zang Before we begin, I know we are all wishing luck and safety to every one impacted by hurricane Irene. It appears that the Greek “bailout” is falling apart. With EU countries asking for…

Government Debt and the Inherent Problem

I cannot stress this enough, “Sovereign or Government Debt” is “Government Bonds.”  This debt problem is a global issue and like anyone else, when you continuously grow debt, your income needs to keep pace in order to service that debt.…

Buying Gold Coins a Guide

There are many popular options for those who are Buying Gold Coins. Gold coins range from bullion to numismatic and each category have different benefits. It is important that before attempt to buy gold coins that you know the differences…

Worldwide Economic Crisis is Too Large to Handle

Former IMF Head, Hendrikus Johannes Witteveen (head from 1973-1978), said in an editorial on the Economic Crisis in the Financial Times, “The world’s financial system is threatened by a new crisis that could be even worse than that of 2008.” …

Friday Market Update 8/19/2011

This weeks wrap up: By: Lynette Zang Disappointing economic news around inflation (up), jobs (fewer), and manufacturing data (down) as well as the fear that the sovereign debt (government bonds) crisis in Europe is expanding, which has kept the market…

Venezuela to Nationalize Gold Mines and Recall their Gold

In a move to protect Venezuela from the economic woes in the United States and Europe, President Hugo Chavez is going to Nationalize Gold Mines and bring back all of its gold held overseas. Chavez said, “We’re going to bring…

Two Paradigm Shifts On The Dollar And Gold

Stocks, bonds and cash have a foundation in dollars as opposed to Gold. Look at the dollar chart and you will see that the trend is clearly down. By: Lynette Zang When all dollar based assets become suspect, the wealth…


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