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There are More than Just One Reason to Own Gold

If you have ever wondered if you should Own Gold and have read the news about the debt ceiling and whether or not Congress and Obama are going to come to an agreement in time to avoid a default, it…

The Pan Asian Gold Exchange Opens

As the march toward China’s prominence in the Gold as well as global market continues, a new FX exchange (Forex) has been opened in China. Those contracts will be traded in Chinese renminbi (RMB). This is a very big deal.…

How can Governments Deal with the Debt?

In a Fractional Reserve monetary system, in order to create money, Debt must be created first. Thus Treasury Bonds are issued. By Lynette Zang Those bonds are redeemed for fiat currency, in this country, the US dollar. Fiat currencies are…

What Central Banks and Governments Own the Most Gold

As the global economic crisis has been heating up over the past few years and money has been printed to compensate at alarming levels many have turned to Gold hedge against inflation and possible collapse of fiat currencies. The US…

Gold Breaks $1,600 per ounce

In trading today Gold broke $1,600 per ounce for the first time in history to $1,604.70, coming off a low of $1,478.30 on July 1st. Gold prices have rallied more than $120, which is an 8.5% gain in just a…

Technically Gold is Looking Really Good

Gold has risen for the tenth straight session to over $1,592 per ounce rallying over 7% in the last ten days. This rally matches a record set almost 40 years ago.  Technical analysts are pointing to this strength as a…

Ben Bernanke Says that Gold is not Money

Republican Congressman Dr. Ron Paul had the opportunity this morning of questioning Chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke on Gold and the printing and spending of money by the Fed as well as what Bernanke’s feelings are about gold…

Government Spending Out of Control Creates Need for Competing Currency

Quantitative Easing round two is over as of the end of June, ending a six month long campaign to buy hundreds of billions of Currency in US Treasuries. Meanwhile confidence in the dollar has been on the decline as money…

Bartering with Gold and Silver

Imagine: you walk into the grocery store to buy a loaf with Gold And Silver of bread and the cashier says “that will be 1/10th ounce of silver” or “that will be one pre-1965 dime.” As the dollar continues to…

The “Perverse Feedback Loop” of Sovereign Debt

Sovereign Debt default would likely set off a chain reaction that would ultimately lead to a financial crisis. By: Lynette Zang The IMF calls it a “Perverse Feedback Loop” between sovereign risk and financial risk. To postpone the inevitable, governments…


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