Global Financial Collapse

Right now we are in the middle of a global financial collapse, meaning the world’s reserve currency, the paper dollar, is slowly eroding.  Many fiat currencies like the dollar have come and gone over the years, thousands in fact.  For the same reason that these other currencies have collapsed so is the dollar – money printing. Paper currency has allowed massive debts to be created through the fractional reserve banking system in conjunction with the printing presses.  As these debts … Read More »

Forex to Stop Trading on Gold and Silver

By: Lynette Zang There is a rumor swirling around the web about halting trading of gold and silver on July 15th. The story goes that this is because of the Dodd-Frank Bill, Section 742 (a) Here’s the link to the full text (not that it’s easily understandable) . I went to the web site to get more information. One of the things I looked at was their product offering. The only thing they trade is the XAU/Spot Gold and … Read More »

Gold to reach $5,000 per ounce on Supply Shortage

According to an extensive research report by Standard Chartered, gold will surge to $5,000 per ounce on supply shortages.  While investment demand has been increasing for gold and contributing to a run up in value from $252 per ounce in 1999 to where it stands today at $1,539 per ounce, their research shows that there is not enough supply to satiate coming levels of demand. “There are very few large gold mines set to commence operation in the next five … Read More »

The Biggest Bargain in Gold

By: Lynette Zang, Gold is in a positive trend clearly showing higher and higher lows. The kind of gold you choose depends on your goals. Let’s compare the difference between the physical and spot markets. Spot Gold Market Physical Gold Market Short Term Long Term Used for Trading Used for Insurance Unlimited Amount Finite Amount Use of Leverage No Leverage Never takes possession Takes possession Visible to markets Invisible to markets Controlled market Partially controlled market Can go to 0 … Read More »

Hyperinflation and $1 Trillion Gold

There are all sorts of predictions out there today about gold and where it is headed.  I have heard $2,300, $5,000 and even $11,000 per ounce.  Many are educated guesses using previous highs adjusted for inflation, others use technical analysis and some are just down right made up out of thin air, just like the US Dollar is today.  It is more about what is happening that would create $2,300 per ounce gold or higher. The way I see it … Read More »

It’s All About Jobs

By Lynette Zang: The jobs report came out this morning at 1/3 of what the economists were expecting, 54,000 jobs and reportedly 9.1% unemployment. What a surprise! Why won’t the private sector create new jobs? Profits are up, the stock market is up, the dollar is down and all is right in this recovery, even if it is a slow recovery. But while the private sector is shrinking, the government sector is growing. The problem with that is the resources … Read More »

To Raise or Not to Raise the debt ceiling. How does this impact you?

By Lynette Zang: Timothy Geithner, US Treasury Secretary, has sent letters begging congress to raise the national debt ceiling. The rating agencies are threatening a downgrade on US Treasuries if we don’t. Republicans in congress, want a fiscal plan that reduces deficit spending (spending money you do not have) by roughly 1 trillion dollars, in order to vote to raise the debt ceiling by 2.4 trillion dollars.   In other words, we have to increase the debt limit to service … Read More »

A Golden Summertime Opportunity

Some things tend to happen rather consistently. The Sun comes up. Tides go in and out. Even birthdays and April tax deadlines keep a special place in your minds’ calendar. For the most part I have not found anyone who can turn a profit simply by having the Sun come up or the tide wash in, and tax refunds and birthday card receipts tend not to make it into the savings account, but I am about to share a re-occurring … Read More »