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US Housing Market in Trouble

Nearly four years after the US housing market bubble burst and put our economy into a downward spiral, prospects for real estate still look gloomy.  In the Standard and Poor’s Case Shiller index report released Tuesday, 19 out of 20…

Sentiment Seems to Be Shifting to the Negative Again

Just a few months ago it seemed like everything was rosy in the economy and things were turning around.  The American public for the most part was confident and spending.  As gas and food prices have risen the tide seems…

Japan’s Crisis Effects on the US Economy

The recent earthquake, tsunami and nuclear reactor explosions have devastated the world’s third largest economy.  In addition to the damage, entire industries have shut down, including Toyota and Honda.  What is heartwarming are the Japanese people and the way they…

Timothy Geithner Welcomes a New World Reserve Currency

Two years ago this month there was a lot of talk coming from China and Russia urging for a new world reserve currency in the face of a weakening dollar.  In fact the Chinese were calling for the IMF to…

PIMCO Founder Bill Gross Dumps US Bonds

Bill Gross has long been considered one of the top financial analysts of our time.  He runs Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO), the world’s largest mutual fund, and is considered by many to be the “king of bonds.”  What is…

Recent Threats to US Dollar

There has been much talk these days about the weakness in the dollar and concerns of massive inflation. As the economy continues to limp along sentiment is beginning to become more negative. Most people in the US are aware at…

Gold on a 10 Year Run

It is amazing that gold has been up 10 years in a row.  To date the gain is over 460%, yet the general public still has yet to participate in a meaningful way.  Most of the buying to date has…

Utah Considers Precious Metals as Alternative State Currency

The United States has been off of the gold standard since 1971, and stopped using gold coins as currency in 1933 when President Roosevelt confiscated gold and made it illegal to own privately.  It looks as though one state in…


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