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Political Reasons to Own Gold?

The political reasons to own gold are simple.  Everyone should own gold!  It does not matter if you are progressive or conservative, libertarian or socialist, the reasons to own gold are the same.  Concerns for inflation, deflation, banking crisis, terrorist…

Current State of the Dollar and Fed Policy

On November 16, 2010, Steve Liesman of CNBC, interviewed New York Fed President William Dudley regarding Fed policy. And I quote Steve Liesman, “New York Fed President, Bill Dudley, in an exclusive CNBC interview, taking on foreign critics and domestic…

James Turk Reaffirms Gold Price at $8,000 per ounce

In an interview with MMnewsTV James Turk, founder of the Gold Money Foundation, says that he believes the gold manipulation is nearing an end which has become apparent as the gold price has been steadily rising.  He also reaffirms his…

Gold for Food

As American citizens we have all lived, for the most part, very privileged lives.  Our county has been one of the strongest, most productive and wealthy in the world.  It has only been recently that we have seen this come…

Gold and Silver up Big

Gold and silver are rising, and rising fast.  Since July 28th of this year gold is up over 21% ($1,161 to $1,408) and silver is up over 56% ($17.64 to $27.56).  These numbers are not something to balk at, and…

Economic War

The world now awaits $600 billion worth of newly “printed money” to hit the economic system as the Federal Reserve will buy around $115 billion dollars of US Treasuries per month.  This is war; a currency war, a war that…

Gold Posts Gains after QE2 Announcement

The Federal Reserve announced on Wednesday that it will be implementing $850 to $900 billion in quantitative easing by the end of quarter two of 2011.  This is a combination of $600 billion in newly created money, and $250-$300 billion…

Gold, Quantitative Easing, Dollar Collapse etc.

John Embry was interviewed recently on King World News and what John had to say was very interesting.  Mr. Embry is Chief Investment Strategist with Sprott Asset Management, and has focus on the Precious Minerals Fund.  John is an expert…

The Federal Reserve and Gold

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) is scheduled to meet next week and is largely expected to divulge their appetite for inflation by adding additional stimulus into the markets.  This will be accomplished through buying more troubled assets in addition…

Gold is Pulling Back Today

The gold price is pulling back today reportedly due to a Wall Street Journal article released this morning.  The article titled “Gold Dips as Fed Seen More Cautious on Stimulus” says the following, “investors began thinking a potential Federal Reserve monetary…


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