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The Federal Reserve and Gold

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) is scheduled to meet next week and is largely expected to divulge their appetite for inflation by adding additional stimulus into the markets.  This will be accomplished through buying more troubled assets in addition…

Gold is Pulling Back Today

The gold price is pulling back today reportedly due to a Wall Street Journal article released this morning.  The article titled “Gold Dips as Fed Seen More Cautious on Stimulus” says the following, “investors began thinking a potential Federal Reserve monetary…

Gold is Down Big Today

Gold is down over $37 per ounce this morning as the dollar gains back some of its losses.  A surprise hike in Chinese interest rates has reportedly caused the dollar to rise, bringing it up over 70 basis points this…

Gold Vs.

Gold vs. Inflation Gold vs. the amount of goods and services it can buy has remained fairly stable over the last 100 years or so.  Now there are short-term fluctuations when there is an imbalance, but for the long-term gold…

How to Buy Gold Coins

Buying gold coins is an easy process once you understand how it works.  Once you have made one purchase it becomes much more comfortable.  The most difficult part is always doing something for the first time.  Therefore it is important…

Gold Rises to $1,350 per ounce: Is it Time to Cash in?

Gold is rising almost daily and has risen to all-time highs.  As of the writing of this blog gold is at $1,353 per ounce, which is up over 16% since its July lows.  If it closes at its current price…

Inflation will make us all Rich

Part of the Federal Reserve’s original stated purpose was to manage the nation’s money supply without inflation or deflation.  This is to be maintained through various monetary policies.  Now the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s President Charles Evans is advocating…

US Mint Runs Out of 2010 Gold Buffalos

The US mint announced on its website last week that it is no longer selling its 2010 24-karat one-ounce American Buffalo coin.  It had been selling them amid record high gold prices and they simply ran out of inventory. “The…


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