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Gold ATMs Coming to the United States

A company based in Germany is bringing new Automated Teller Machines to the US.  These ATMs will not be dispensing cash, but will be dispensing gold bars and gold coins.  Just put in your debit or credit card, or cash…

Federal Reserve Spurs Further Interest in Gold

Just two words last week from the Federal Reserve have experts believing that gold will continue to rise.  Those words are quantitative easing.  The Federal Reserve said in its statement that we could see more QE as early as November. …

Gold Breaks $1,300 per ounce

In early trading this morning gold briefly broke $1,300 per ounce.  So is it possible that it is topping out or could it go higher from here?  People in the media are always tempted to state that gold is topping…

Fed’s Sept. 21 Statement Means `Gotta Buy Gold’

Dr. Allen Sinai, Chief Global Economist at Decision Economics said in an interview with Bloomberg that you “gotta buy gold.”   The reason?  He sited the Federal Reserve’s statement Tuesday that inflation is below levels consistent with the central bank’s mandate…

Gold in an IRA

As the price of gold rises, interest in acquiring it also grows.  Large institutional buyers have been acquiring the metal for years; it is only recently that the general public has begun to buy into gold, which by the way…

Gold Past and Present

For thousands of years gold has been valued as the one true form of money, a global currency.  It has also been used as an investment, a commodity and an object of beauty.  What many don’t know is that gold…

Gold Breaks Record Close 9/7/2010

Yesterday gold broke its all-time high close of $1,255.70 set on June 25th of this year on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange, gold closed yesterday at $1,256.20.  This new record is still over $1,000 off of…

Gold Closing in on Record High

Spot market:  At the time of this post gold is trading at $1,252.30 and has been climbing for 5 straight weeks since it bottomed on July 28th when it closed around $1,161.  It is approaching it all-time high of just…


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