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Does the Gold Price affect the Value of Rare Coins?

The spot price of gold that is reported everyday on the Comex does affect the value of rare gold coins-because they are made of gold.  But each coin is affected differently depending on its rarity and quality.  Generally speaking, the…

Gold Bubble?

I found this chart produced by Casey Research.com and I couldn’t stop looking at it.  It is by far the most convincing chart I have seen in regards to showing that gold is not in a bubble.  The chart compares…

“Sabotaging the System”

Think of all of your monetary wealth: � Checking Accounts Savings Accounts CD’s IRA’S 401K’S Stocks Bonds Mutual Funds Annuities Insurance Social Security All of these monetary instruments are controlled by computers.  Less than 3% of all money in the…

Central Banks Join the Gold Rush

In an article dated June 18, 2010 on CNNMoney.com, central banks around the world have been buying into the gold rush as fears of Europe’s debt crisis mount in conjunction with a slow worldwide economic recovery.  All of this fresh…

After Hyperinflation comes Gold

Zimbabwe is the latest example in history of what happens when a government and its leaders print money unchecked.  For years President Robert Mugabe printed money to pay off debts and government employees, to the extent that the inflation rate…

US Inflation Effect on Gold Prices

The simple definition of inflation is the printing of money.  Those in the media, government and Federal Reserve would like us to believe that inflation is the rising of prices.  Typically you will hear this described as “price inflation” rather…

1794 Silver Dollar Sets New Record Price in Private Sale

A 1794 Silver Dollar graded PCGS SP66 just sold for $7.85 million, a new world record!  This coin is believed to be the first silver dollar ever minted by the United States, and is the finest-known 1974 dollar specimen in…

James Turk sees Gold at $8,000 by 2015

At the 2010 World Mining Investment Conference in London, James Turk opened his keynote by reaffirming his previous prediction that gold will reach $8,000 per ounce by 2015.  He bases his predictions on past performance.  When asked about where he…

Numismatic Guarantee Corporation Reaches Important Milestone

Numismatic Guarantee Corporation known in the industry as NGC, announced in May that it reached an important industry milestone-20 million coins graded.  NGC is the first grading company to reach this mark, which underscores its position as an industry leader.…

Gold as Alternative to U.S. Dollar

There is a lot of concern worldwide that the U.S. Dollar is weak and facing tumultuous times ahead.  This concern is justified, as we have printed 2.5 times the money supply in just 18 months, and anytime in history when…


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