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The U.S. is in Danger of Hyperinflation

The U.S. Government reported a budget deficit of $220.9 billion for the month of February 2010.  The government took in $107.5 billion and outlaid $328.4 billion.  This is pretty staggering.  We are on track to another $1 trillion dollars in…

Will New Healthcare Bill Affect Gold Prices in the Future?

I have been asked many times in the past week or so about how the new health care bill will affect gold prices in the future.  There is no direct correlation between government debt and gold prices.  Gold is a…

Common Date Gold Coins

Common date gold coins are also referred to as Generic gold coins. This is due to the quantity of coins that exist in the market place. These coins are readily available and are traded as like-kind units instead of as…

Sight-Seen vs. Sight-Unseen

When acquiring rare gold coins it is important to understand the difference between sight-seen and sight-unseen coins.  If a dealer attends a coin auction and fifty 1903P $20 Liberties in MS63 are up for sale, a dealer may make a…

What are Certified Gold Coins?

Certified gold coins are coins that have been graded by a professional coin grading company.  The two best known and respected grading companies are Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and Numismatic Guarantee Corporation (NGC).  In fact, most people who buy…

What are Numismatic Gold Coins?

First let’s define numismatic in two ways, the academic definition and the government’s definition.  The academic definition is how Webster’s Dictionary defines it, and that is, of or relating to currency.  Wikipedia defines it as the study or collection of…

Swedish Bank Analysts Gold Predictions

Commodity analysts from Swedish bank SEB AB said in a report that “the continuation of current debt factors combined with longer-term dollar skepticism are all likely to fuel demand and limit downside risk for gold prices.” (03/02/10, Business Week, Gold…

Gold vs. U.S. Debt

I received an interesting piece of data this morning so I thought I would share it.  The spreadsheet ultimately compares government debt with the amount of reserves in gold we have in the U.S. Treasury.  The amount of gold owned…

Interest Rates vs. Gold, Stocks and Real Estate

If we look at history we can draw some interesting conclusions from interest rate cycles and how they affect the gold, stock and real estate markets.  Typically when interest rates are on the rise gold tends to rise with it…

Rob McEwen comes out with his Projections on the Gold Market

Rob McEwen, Chairman and CEO of U.S. Gold and founder and former CEO of Gold Corp the second largest gold producer in the world was interviewed by Bloomberg on January 12th 2009.  He has been on the record since March…


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