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Where Can You Buy Gold?

There are many places to buy gold coins, both brick and mortar and online. Most gold purchases are done via telephone from broker/dealers around the country. However you can also purchase from a local gold coin shop. You should be…

How To Determine The Value of Your Gold Coins

Gold has been mankind’s most desirable asset for more than 5,000 years. It freely circulated as everyday money – except during times of great economic turmoil – from the time of the Ancient Greeks and Romans right up to 1933.…

Is Gold a Good Investment?

Gold can be a great investment! Gold is a tool that needs to be used in your portfolio for its intended purpose, which would be different for every person. You need the right tool for the right job. Sure gold…

Does Buying Bullion Mean the Same Thing as Buying Gold Coins?

This is a very common question that gets asked everyday, and it is a tricky one to answer, because the answer is yes and no. Bullion is gold that tracks along with the spot price of gold. It can come…

How to Trade Gold in Todays Market

There are many ways to trade gold in today’s market. There are paper gold investments and the actual physical gold itself. Physical gold offers the most safety because he who controls the asset has the power. Examples of paper gold…

Factors Affecting the Gold Spot Price

Gold, mankind’s universal and timeless money and store of value, is traded in many ways. The easiest and most direct way, and the way that governs millions of transactions every day, is cash payment followed by immediate delivery. In these…

A Brief Overview of the $20 Liberty and $20 Saint Gaudens Rare Coins

These two types of coins are some the most readily available and most sought after of the U.S. gold coins minted. The United States minted gold coins for circulation from 1795 to 1933. The $20 Liberty coin was minted between…

Values of Gold Coins Depend on Rarity – Key Date Rarity Coins

Key Date Rarity Coins are those coins that are hard to locate or find due to low surviving populations from the original mintages. The survival rate is what is important here. The age and original mintage will not impact the…

Reasons to Own Rare Gold Coins

Acquiring rare gold coins offers its owners many benefits that make it very appealing for any portfolio. U.S. rare coins were minted from 1795 to 1933, with your most typical coins being the $20 Liberty (minted 1849-1907) and the $20…

Will Gold be Confiscated Again?

The last time gold was confiscated was in 1933 under Franklin Delano Roosevelt. This occurred during the Great Depression while the U.S. was dealing with a monetary and banking crisis. The confiscation occurred under executive order 6102, which gave citizens…


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