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Are Gold Stocks Better than the Physical Metal Itself

Are Gold Stocks Better than the Physical Metal Itself? I personally do not believe so, but there is a tool for every job inside of any portfolio. But let’s look at some interesting points: 1. There is no one between…

Gold Trend for 2009

People always wonder when any investment goes down if it is smart to buy in at that time.  Peoples’ minds run wild with concern when there are corrections in any market they are invested in.  What one must follow are…

What’s Really Happening in the Gold Market Today?

Gold just like any other market is subject to supply and demand factors. When supply is low and demand is high the price goes up and vice versa. To understand the gold market one must understand the term “spot” price.…

Why IMF Gold Sales Won’t Affect the Gold Market

While the IMF gold sales are a positive sign, it won’t affect the gold market too heavily. What is positive for the gold market it that India bought the first half of the IMF offering. This points to the fact…

Gold Market Ups & Downs

Some people are concerned out there that gold is too high and will be coming down. My answer is, I hope it does. Ups and downs are part of any healthy bull market. The key to investing in anything is…

Is this Gold Bull Market Over?

Is this Gold Bull Market over? In order to answer this question one must have an understanding of how bull markets usually work. First let me say that no one has a crystal ball, and therefore no one knows for…

India to Buy More Gold from IMF

As reported by Bloomberg.com, India bought 200 metric tons of gold valued at $6.7 billion from the International Monetary Fund on November 3rd, 2009.  That gold purchase cleared out just under half of what the IMF was offering for sale;…

Spot Price of Gold is on the Rise

As you may have noticed the price of gold is on the rise, and has been for the past 9 years. It started at a low of $252 per ounce in 1999 and as of this writing gold has set…

The Great Gold Confiscation of 1933

The 1920’s were good for most Americans. The stock market was thriving and most citizens were employed and happy. The stock market ended in frenzy in 1929 on what is now Called Black Tuesday. All of the prosperity of the…

Rare Gold Coins for Collecting

Coin collecting is a prestigious hobby across the world today, but many do not realize that collecting coins didn’t become popular until the 16th century. This started with the resurgence of interest in Ancient Greek and Roman cultures. By the…


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