10/3/2017 Live Viewer Q&A With Lynette Zang And Eric Griffin

Eric sources questions from Lynette’s viewers and Lynette responds with organic and unrehearsed answers. If you have a question for Lynette and Eric, please either submit your question though YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or here on the ITM Trading website in the comments section. If you enjoyed the 10/3/2017 live viewer Q&A with Lynette Zang, please like, subscribe, and share in order to help Lynette fight the fiat money disease!

Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Stephen F: How are the central banks able to print fiat currency into oblivion when the fractional reserve system only allows banks to lend ten times the amount that is on deposit with them?

Question 2. Raised Fist: If the spot price of gold and silver are the price on paper gold and silver, when and how do we know the true value of the physical metal in a scenario where prices spike and dealers have to cover their short positions in paper gold and silver? Is there a point in time where the spot price will reflect the true value of the physical gold and silver rather than the paper gold and silver like it does now?

Question 3. Emil R: IF the real estate market correction is just 50%, a 500K house will be on the market for 250K. Does this mean gold and silver holders can expect increased purchasing power to buy homes at much lower prices?

Question 4. Tamara W: I heard your recent interview with Rory Hall. In it, you mentioned Eminent Domain, in the context of gold Eagles and gold numismatics. I then realized that I must not fully understand Eminent Domain, since obviously there must be a difference in the rules–land, gold, types of gold, silver, and even my grandmother’s antique vase

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