Buy Gold Coins: 2011 Commemorative Coins Released for Sale

As reported by CoinNews.Net, the US Mint scheduled the 2011 Medal of Honor Gold and Silver Commemorative Coins for release on February 25, 2011. Available in collector proof and uncirculated versions, these coins are available at introductory prices ranging from $49.95 to $449.95. This might be the best time for those who are always keen to buy gold coins of such historical importance.

Buy Gold Coins: Final Sale for 2011 Commemorative Coins

The official commemorative programs acknowledge and commemorate the establishment of the Medal of Honor in 1861 and launch these coins every year in two denominations. Under the aegis of the 2009 Act related to the mintage of such coins, the government authorized a maximum of 100,000 gold pieces of $5 denomination to be minted and up to 500,000 silver pieces of $1 denomination.

As inferred from the American Public Law, the commemorative medal is awarded to brave individuals who have distinguished themselves by an excellent show of gallantry during:

  • Military operations against a threatening foreign force
  • Expedition against an enemy of the country
  • Some clash against an opposing armed force in which the United States is not a willing participant

Buy Gold Coins: Commemorative Coin Specifications

The highly cherished $5 commemorative gold coin has the composition of 90% gold and 10% alloy. The diameter of the coin is around 0.85 inches and its weight is approximately 8.35 grams. In order to distinguish between its proof and uncirculated versions, a mint mark of ‘W’ and ‘P’ is encrypted on the respective coins. Since all the proof versions for such coins are minted at the West Point Mint and the uncirculated versions are minted at the Philadelphia Mint, these marks also represent their respective mints.

The $5 gold coin represents the original Medal of Honor authorized by the Congress in 1861 on its obverse. It was designed and sculpted by respected US sculptor Joseph Menna. The reverse of the coin depicts Minerva, the mythical Roman goddess of wisdom and war. Although the goddess was shown in the basic form on the original Army and Navy Medal of Honors, the later coins in this series are a little different in this depiction. Designed by Joel Iskowitz, these coins show Minerva holding a shield in her right hand and the Union flag in her left hand.

The obverse of the Silver Commemorative Coin depicts three medals representing the country’s defense forces – the Army, Navy and Air Force. Each medal is tied to a common ribbon that is sprinkled with stars. This whole design was proposed and engraved by US Mint sculptor-engraver Jim Licaretz. The reverse of the coin features an infantry soldier carrying a wounded soldier to save him from enemy fire. This design was proposed by AIP Master Designer Richard Masters and sculpted by Phebe Hemphill.

Buy Gold Coins: Prices for Commemorative Coins 2011

Although only two programs can be authorized in any given year, multiple coins can be issued as part of each program. The first part was launched earlier this year in January 2011. The prices for the current program are also kept somewhat similar to those in the first program. The introductory price for the $5 Gold Proof commemorative Medal of Honor is set at $449.95, which is $5 less than its regular price. Similarly, the $5 Gold Uncirculated Medal of Honor is introduced for sale at $439.95, $5 lower than the regular price.

The regular prices of these coins will prevail after March 28, 2011. These commemorative issues are the final series of the commemorative coins that were scheduled to be released in 2011. These commemorative coin programs are approved by the National Congress in order to honor people, places and events that are of significance to the country.