Price of Numismatic Gold Coins Expected to be Reduced

Numismatic Gold Coins Festival at ANA in Boston

The American Numismatic Association will be celebrating a festival in the early days of August, 2010. The show will commence on August 10 and will continue till August 14. Tagged as the World’s Fair of Money located in Boston, this event will showcase some of the world’s most beautiful and famous numismatic gold coins. This show will offer the participants an opportunity to explore the spectacular museum of coins and a chance to admire the wares of more than 1,100 dealers and 18 mints from around the world. The show can be an educational trip for newcomers and a sales trip for long time investors and collectors.

American Numismatic Gold Coins Auction at ANA

Scheduled to be held between August 12 and 16, 2010, this auction is being viewed as the biggest in recent years. The highlights of this auction are numismatic gold coins from China, Brazil, Russia, Great Britain, Spain and the US. On being contacted, the Vice President of International Numismatics for Heritage, Cristiano Bierrenbach, said: “We’ve put together a very strong sale for our first official ANA World Coin auction. There are interesting lots from every corner of the globe but especially from Brazil, China, Great Britain, Russia and South Africa. There are also superb selections present for Spanish colonial collectors and the incredible collection of U.S. regulated world gold coins should set standards for this market.”

The chief attraction in the numismatic gold coin category is the Carlos III 1775 Chile 8 Escudos or Doubloon. This coin came into regulation in the early days of the 18th century in the US. The coin is a unique combination of North and South American heritage. It was designed by New York goldsmith Ephraim Brasher and the estimated sale price of this coin is $75,000 to $100,000. In appreciation of this coin, Mr. Bierrenbach commented, “The phrase ‘Brasher Doubloon’ is famous among collectors of early American coins. Heritage has sold his private gold issues for multiple millions of dollars, and they appear in the Heritage Auction Hall of Fame.”

The coin is in VF condition and has the standard ‘EB’ hallmark of Brasher to show its compliance with the American weight standards.

International Numismatic Gold Coins at ANA, Boston

Besides the American rarity, two other numismatic gold coins are expected to make waves at the auction. The first coin is from the Highlands Park Collection of British Coins. This coin is called Charles I gold Triple Unite. The coin struck in Oxford in 1644 is expected to get a deal as high as $40,000 to $50,000.

The second coin is of Russian origin. The coin is called Nicholas II of Russia gold 25 Rubles. This coin is from a batch of just 301 coins that were struck to celebrate the coronation of Nicholas II. It contains more than 32 grams of pure gold and is expected to be valued at around $125,000 to $150,000.

Ship of Gold on Display

The World’s Fair of Money will have on display the sunken treasure from the Gold Rush era. These coins have been recovered from the SS Central America which sunk in 1857. The numismatic highlight of this exhibit will be 110 double eagles displayed in the remains of a wooden cargo box.

The show will also be the venue for several educational conferences like ‘New England Numismatics and Numismatists: Then and Now’, which is being organized by The Maynard Sundman/Littleton Coin Company Lecture Series. This will be held on August 12.

This festival has already gained immense popularity among investors and collectors alike and is likely to be much talked about in the days to come.