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Common Questions And Their Answers About Converting A Traditional IRA Into A Gold Backed IRA

This article-blog is a companion piece to a few of the most recent article-blogs about Individual Retirement Accounts here on the ITM Trading web site. Perhaps you read a few of these articles and after realizing that a traditional IRA…

How Much Should I Contribute To My Individual Retirement Account (IRA) ?

First of all, let me state that this article-blog is meant to inform you and get you to think critically at the same time. Every long term financial plan should be carefully thought out and researched, the pros and cons…

Why A Gold IRA?

If you already have an IRA, or an Individual Retirement Account, chances are that you don’t exactly know what type of financial assets you are holding in this account. One thing is certain however, you are being charged a fee,…

Bull Markets, Bail-ins, And Gold

From the Desk of Craig Griffin, President and Founder of ITM Trading MARKET UPDATE                                                                               August 1, 2014 Since September 2011,…

Where to Hold Physical Metals and Cash

By: Lynette Zang Many people wonder where and how to hold their metals and cash. First permit me to say, that you must hold them in places you trust and feel comfortable with. Secondly think diversification, in other words, hold…

The Last Time I Sold Gold And Silver

The last time I sold any of my gold and silver assets, I was happy to do so. Don’t get me wrong, I would much rather put gold Canadian Maple Leafs and ten ounce silver bars into my safe rather…

Gold Coins Stack-Em High

Times change, but some things never do. This old adage can definitely be applied to owning gold. For throughout history, the majority of time owning gold and silver was seen as a true sign of wealth. Only kings and very…

Gold Manipulation Exposed

Information compiled by Lynette Zang “Bottom line: just like the Silver Fixing which last week announced its wind-down, the days of the 117-year-old Gold fix are numbered. But to preserve continuity of rigged-ness and manipulation, perhaps they can just outsource…

Gerald Celente On Gold And World Affairs In 2014

[youtube width=”560″ height=”315″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7FPfDYFK0U[/youtube] In this recent Gerald Celente interview, Gerald speaks about gold as a safe haven during times of world unrest. Gerald is interviewed by reporters from around the world for his keen insights on trends and how to…

What Is Happening To American Expats And Their IRA’s ?

Investing in Gold or Silver in IRA and Roth IRA Imagine working hard at the same job for over forty years. Imagine while you are doing this, that you trustfully deposit money into your IRA every year, waiting for the…


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