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Viewer Submitted Questions:

christos d: What would you recommend us doing with our IRA? Pull it out and pay the 20% on taxes or parking it in a savings account?

S D: If the real estate prices tank 80% should you buy it?

dxer22000: Regarding paper gold – didn’t Comex have default a few days ago?

Juli Cash: So if you only have bullion gold and if they confiscate gold and it becomes illegal to own, would we be able to use it? ​

Jet Quailsynd: Is there any possible estimation on when the reset might occur? I’d like to know how much time I have available to collect gold and silver.

max on cryptos: When do you think real estate will be better to buy with gold, before or after the reset?

Balki Balkaran: Is Bitcoin and others safe to buy?

AndrewGrice: If gold is likely to be revalued and 10th of an ounce is $1100, is that too high for barter?

Ready Or not: I moved my 401K into short term reserves (Company Fixed Income Fund). So far it is holding steady, but we’ve talked about STRs being at risk later on. At what point would this happen?