If there is one thing that gold coin collectors around the world fancy, it’s Rare Gold Coins. Not only are rare gold coins considered valuable for their beauty and historical significance, they are also highly sought after because of their rarity, age and unique appeal. Since rare gold coins are hard to find, you need to identify the right dealer who can get you these pieces of gold at the right price. After investing in rare gold coins, people need to wait for some time to let their value increase and then sell them when the time is right. In July 2002, a very rare $20 1933 Double Eagle gold coin was sold for a record $7,590,020, making it the most valuable coin ever sold till date.

How to Choose The Best Rare Gold Coin?

Since rare gold coins are not a small purchase, there are a number of fraudulent dealers who offer you artificial pieces that can burn a hole in your pocket. When buying rare gold coins, keep these points in mind:
•    Verify their authenticity: Always ask about the authenticity and quality guarantees for these coins before you buy. Choose the right dealer and check his reputation to be on the safer side.
•    Research the market: Talk to friends and family who have invested in rare gold coins. You can also contact collectors of such coins and they will be happy to give you some insight into their purchase. This will give you a fair idea about your purchase, so that you can negotiate well with the seller.

Purchasing rare gold coins may prove lucrative, provided you do your research beforehand and keep in touch with the market. Rare gold coins are also considered recession proof. What is of utmost importance is choosing the right dealer and the right time to make the purchase and sale. These factors go a long way in deciding the returns on your rare gold coins.