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Viewer Submitted Questions:

  1. George W: In a hyper-inflation situation, how will you be able to see a cup formation in charts if everything is valued in dollars and appearing to go straight up? Would charts have to be converted into something stable such as value in ounces of gold in order to see a cup formation in asset prices or will charts need to be adjusted for hyper-inflation in some other way?
  2. Ken: If I were to borrow $100K today from a bank and the dollar loses 50% of its value over the next couple of years, will I be able to repay that loan with assets that are worth $50K today (ex: gold) or will the bank revalue the loan such that I still owe $100K in today’s value?
  3. Sean M: You know how you talk about when we will finally be able to sell some PMs to but income producing assets ? You said it’s when you see the latter part of the cup formation for assets you want to buy, right ? How will we buy those assets ? Are you saying that we will then convert back into devalued dollars when our gold is worth so much more ? Or are you saying we will barter with the gold if the purchaser wants that ? Or both ?
  4. Andussee: is the excess printing beginning to be reflected in the price of gold or is it spiking demand?
  5. Rented Artist: Would you sell gold and silver at the peak when hyperinflation kicks in or would you just wait until the currency collapse?