Insider Trading JNJ and Central Banks Buying Gold and Spot Drops

Video will be posted shortly.   This week’s WSJ Insider Trading update shows a Buy to Sell average, for every $1 of buying, there is $60.47 of selling. Industrials are the highest buy/sell ratio at $1 in buys to $504.23 sells. This week we also look at JNJ insider buying and selling. The quintessential insiders are Wall Street and Central Banks. The Financial Times looks back on the decade since the crisis first became apparent; Jail, Fines and Negative Rates. … Read More »

Why the IMF will use the ACC and SDR to Capture Wealth

ITM Trading’s Lynette Zang talks about why she Believe the ACC (Asset Collection Chain) Coin is being used to capture ownership in the SDR. In 2009 China brought up using the SDR to replace the USD as “The” world’s reserve currency. That made a lot of sense since it’s been used in reserves since 1969, so they didn’t have to invent a new money, simply tweak the one already in place. That’s exactly what she been watching unfold ever since. … Read More »

The Global Unit of Account From the USD to the SDR Has Started

The Global Unit Of Account

ITM Trading’s Chief Market Analyst Lynette Zangs Discusses How The Shift From The US Dollar To The SDR Has Already Begun, And Where This Shift Is Leading. Charts and Graphs From The Presentation: Relevant Links Provided By Lynette Zang: ACCHAIN is used as an asset digital tool in the world: Join ACCHAIN.ORG become super node: K Coin National token of Cambodia:   Thank you for watching, and thank you for visiting. Please share and like.

Rich Dads Own Gold, Poor Dads Own Jobs.

Rich Dads Own Gold.

Not often do I find a very well put together and thought out financial interview and accompanying article, but this morning I did, and I want to share it with you. Maybe you have heard of Robert Kiyosaki. Maybe you have read his books. In case you don’t have time to read this article or watch his interview, let me sum it up for you. Rich dads own gold, poor dads own jobs. Perhaps another way to look at it … Read More »

Robo-Advisers Vs. Gold Bullion Coins And Bars

Robo-Advisers Vs Gold

What is a robo-adviser? Chances are pretty good that you will be hearing a lot about robo-advisers in the next several years. By then, however, they will probably have a cute and less daunting name. They may be referred to as an electronic financial adviser, or perhaps a Charles Schwab money app, or a Chase money management system, etc. Ultimately, some marketing firm will decide what name you hear on the commercial hyping a robo-adviser, but nonetheless, it will still … Read More »

Oil Prices Petro Dollar

Oil Prices and the Death of the Petro Dollar okay well I’m Lynette Zhang chief market analyst here at ITM trading a full-service physical precious metals brokerage house. Today we’re going to talk about the death of a petrol dollar but many of you may not actually know what the petro dollar is so let me explain that to you back in when Nixon took us off the gold standard we were in jeopardy they created the SDR to take … Read More »

Unusual Rare US Gold Coins And How They Came To Be

Unusual Rare US Gold Coins

Sure many people have heard about Saint-Gaudens and Gold Double Eagles. However, US history is full of interesting facts and so is the coinage of the United States of America. Following is a short article about two unusual rare US gold coins and how they came to be. The first coin, a three dollar gold piece, was coined for thirty-five years, but in relatively small quantities due to lack of popularity. The rarest of these pieces is the 1870 S … Read More »

ITM Trading Facebook Flash Five Presentation Q&A

ITM Trading Facebook Flash Five

Lynette Zang is the chief market analyst at ITM Trading. Eric Griffin is the chief operations officer at ITM Trading. Lynette has been a student of the markets, a stockbroker, a coin trader, and an outspoken opponent of fiat currencies for quite some time. Eric has a degree and a background in finance. The two have been working together for several years. One of their common goals is to inform not only the clients and potential clients of ITM Trading … Read More »

What is Inflation?

Translated by YouTube hi guys Lynette Zang Chief market analyst here with ITM Trading a full service physical precious metals brokerage house. Today I’m going to start talking about inflation because i don’t think people really understand it. Milton Friedman said inflation is one form of Taxation that can be imposed without legislation Eric be one up thank you. This is baked into fiat money so by design over time it is designed to the to get you to work … Read More »