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Ed Schultz And ITM Trading

Ed Schultz was born to an Aeronautical Engineer Father and English Teacher Mother in Norfolk Virginia in 1954. Ed (Edward Andrew) enjoyed sports, particularly football, during his school years, and graduated from Maury High School in 1972. Ed went on…

Pam, Colorado

I wanted to write to let you know how very happy I am with ITM Trading. I called ITM after hearing a radio ad and was put in contact with an account executive. I was looking for information about buying…

Mark, Carolina

I have been a client of ITM Trading and another well known major gold broker (intentionally un-named) since 2005. The service I’ve received from ITM Trading has been significantly better from the start. My portfolio manager at ITM spent countless…

Ellen, California

Please accept my heartfelt appreciation for the many years of sound advice you have given me in regards to owning gold. Along with investing in gold comes the peace of mind that no matter where the economy is headed, I…

Joe, New Jersey

ITM Trading, thank you for all of your help in the past and present and thank you for not giving up on me. You are always encouraging me especially when I worry about the economy. It is because of your…

Mary, Maryland

I heard an ad for ITM Trading and decided to look into better ways to protect what I had. Very hesitant at first but I have now put savings into numismatic coins. The broker has not only positioned me in…

Sharon, Illinois

Thank you for everything you have done for me. ITM Trading was enormously helpful in my early retirement situation. ITM’s knowledge in this business was very impressive and their speedy responses were refreshing. I wish I had contacted ITM Trading…

Louise, California

Given the current instability of the US Dollar, I reluctantly had to face moving cash into precious metals. After talking with three companies I made a small purchase with an established Southern California firm. This turned out to be a…

Karen, California

My husband and I have been quite impressed with the professionalism, knowledge, and courtesy that is so prevalent with the entire staff at ITM Trading. We’ve found it very comforting to be able to learn from their advice, enabling us…

Donna, Arizona

ITM Trading changed the course of my financial future. Had I not called, I would have an IRA and 401(k) worth 40% less than what they were. I would have spent $60K on an investment property that would now be…


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