Shipwrecks And Gold

Shipwrecks And Gold

There is absolutely nothing romantic about being on a sinking ship, no matter what the writers and producers of Titanic would lead you to believe. There is, however, a certain romance about shipwrecks and gold. Perhaps you grew up watching pirate movies or reading stories about lost gold treasure and those who seek it. Perhaps the pirate you envision when you hear the word no longer has a wooden peg leg, a parrot, and an eye patch, but bears a … Read More »

A-Mark Bullion Update

March 22, 2016. Gold looked like it was about to break below double bottom support at $1,240 overnight and then terrorist attacks in Belgium reversed its course.  ISIS has claimed responsibility for explosions that killed 34 civilians in Belgium, 14 people at the check-in desks at Brussels airport and 20 bystanders at a Metro station near the European Union headquarters in central Brussels.  The terrorist assaults came a day after the Belgian Prime Minister warned of revenge strikes for the … Read More »

Treasure Hunter Goes Missing Looking For Gold

missing lloking for gold treasure: randy bilyeu

Gold treasure goes missing all the time. The bottoms of the seas are littered with gold bars and gold coins and silver bullion. Until the invention of airplanes, all gold and silver bullion shipping overseas had to happen on the seas. Hence, gold treasure losses, and looking for gold treasure ,often revolves around ocean-going vessels. Otherwise, looking for gold treasure may involve gold mining, and gold mining is dangerous. Probably just as dangerous as being on the open seas looking … Read More »

Gold Wealth- Obvious Displays

Solid Gold Cars

Gold has always been a sign of wealth, if not an outright currency, since recorded man began recording himself. Egyptian Pharaohs were buried with their gold wealth. Kings were known to horde gold wealth. Countries and nations have been invaded and plundered for their gold wealth. Gold as a sign of wealth is still here today, and here are some of the more glaring, or perhaps glittering, examples: Gold Wealth – An Obvious Display: Gold Watches Gold watches as a … Read More »

Gold Treasure Hunter Finds Iron Bars

A rather famous if not now infamous or perhaps even downright notorious gold treasure hunter has been arrested. Tommy Thompson has had a lifelong dream, nay, compulsion to hunt gold treasure, be it in the form of gold coins, gold bars, or any other form of gold that lay on the ocean floor. Tommy Thompson also made his obsession the daily work of his family members and a well financed dive crew. Tommy’s quest to find gold bars and gold … Read More »