Counterfeit Gold Coins – Types Of

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In the world of counterfeit gold coins there are several types that exist, and there is probably someone out there right now trying to come up with a new way to counterfeit gold coins. Being that gold coins have not been the common currency of the United States now for quite some time, detecting counterfeit gold coins is becoming a much less common ability. Old Types Of Counterfeit Gold Coins. The majority of old counterfeit gold coins are exactly what … Read More »

Counterfeit Gold Or Silver Coins – Exacting Tests

In both the investing world of physical gold or silver coins and the world of buying and selling gold or silver coins, counterfeit gold or silver coins are an obvious pitfall. A few counterfeit gold or silver coins can truly decimate your bottom line as an investor or dealer, and as a dealer, unknowingly selling a few counterfeit gold or silver coins can ruin your reputation. Therefore, whether you buy as an investor or as a professional coin broker, you … Read More »