A-Mark Bullion Update

May 2,2016 With the UK and several other major markets out on holiday yesterday, gold cracked above the $1,300 psychological threshold for the first time in over a year.  The move took place in thin trading conditions and despite being predominantly technically driven, the yellow metal was also aided by an overall weak USD. Gold tested above $1,300 yet again today but was unable to sustain gains.  On the heels of positive US economic data, Federal Reserve President of Atlanta Dennis … Read More »

Silver Uses In Industry

Silver Uses In Industry: Solar

Thousands of years ago silver was used as currency. Written history tells us this. Along the way and as time passes, however, more uses for silver have been found. Silver is not relegated to just being cast into coins any longer, although a sizable amount of mined silver ends up in silver coins such as the American Silver Eagle and the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. Today there are many uses in industry for silver. Some of these silver uses in … Read More »