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A-Mark Bullion Update

Gold’s run up on Tuesday following the Belgian terrorist attacks was short-lived.  Safe haven bids vanished as Tuesday’s trading session moved later into the US time zones with gold retreating into the mid-$1,240s to close the day.  The markets have…

A-Mark Bullion Update

March 22, 2016. Gold looked like it was about to break below double bottom support at $1,240 overnight and then terrorist attacks in Belgium reversed its course.  ISIS has claimed responsibility for explosions that killed 34 civilians in Belgium, 14…

Gold Market And Negative Interest Rates

Being that gold is an international currency and is traded 24 hours a day in some gold market or another around the world, I often come across interesting gold market related articles during my daily skim of the news. When…

A-Mark Bullion Update

March, 17, 2016. Gold traded lower for four consecutive days and looked like it was on the verge of collapsing below trendline support at $1,225 yesterday. This was all until the FOMC statement came out at 11 AM PST and…

A-Mark Bullion Update

March 15, 2016. After failing on a third attempt to close above $1,280 at the end of last week, gold has spent the last three consecutive trading days trending lower.  It held support at $1,225 overnight, the fifth point on…

A-Mark Bullion Update

March 9, 2016 Last Friday, US nonfarm payrolls came in at 242,000 for the month of February, widely beating economists’ expectations of 190,000 jobs. The unemployment rate was steady at 4.90% while revised figures showed that 30,000 more jobs were added…

Test For Counterfeit Silver Coins – A How To

Their are tests to check for counterfeit silver, and while you can apply those tests to test for counterfeit silver coins, you cannot apply the tests for counterfeit silver coins to general counterfeit silver. If this seems complicated, it really…

A-Mark Bullion Update

Tuesday, March 1, 2016. In the overnight session, strong Chinese demand caused the Shanghai Gold Exchange arbitrage versus the spot market to move from a $1 discount to a $1 premium.  The presence of Chinese buyers lifted gold to challenge…

A-Mark Bullion Update

US equity weakness at the beginning of yesterday’s trading session caused gold to shoot up over $30.  It looked as if it was going to challenge the recent one year high at $1,263 but when equities, oil, and bond yields…

Counterfeit Silver – Easy At Home Tests

One sure way to lose in the world of silver investing is to buy counterfeit silver. And, the types of counterfeit silver that you may encounter can differ significantly, including counterfeit silver that is truly silver, but more on that…


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