Lynette Zang And Lior Gantz Interview With The Maestro Way

Lynette Zang And Lior Gantz Interview

On August 22, 2017, ITM Trading’s Lynette Zang joined Lior Gantz of in an interview conducted by The Maestro Way. This interview is quite interesting in the fact that the participants are all from a different generation, different backgrounds, and Lior brings an international perspective. Lynette Zang And Lior Gantz Interview Overview: Lior makes the point that the US is not nearly as powerful economically as it once was. The world sees an obvious power shift towards the East … Read More »

Market Patterns

YouTube Video Transcription Hi guys Lynette Zang chief market analyst here at ITM Trading a full-service physical precious metals brokerage house. We’re going to be talking a lot more about bonds in the days to come particularly with the rate increase and we do know because we’ve been looking at it that are too big biggest foreign creditors especially in have been selling off US Treasury bonds so really what I want to talk about today is pattern because when a pattern … Read More »

Silver Coins And Bars

Silver Holiday Coins And Bars

Perhaps you had a grandparent that used to give you silver dollars at Christmas time or for your birthday. Maybe you used to get a silver dollar every now and again from the Tooth Fairy. If you are old enough (born before roughly 1960) then you would remember that all of the dimes or quarters or fifty-cent pieces you received for baby teeth were made of silver. Giving silver holiday coins and bars is a tradition for some people already. … Read More »

What Is Hyperinflation Like ?

What Is Hyperinflation Like

Hyperinflation is a very real threat. In fact, fiat money systems always suffer from hyperinflation, and fiat money systems always die. So, what is hyperinflation like ? Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst at ITM Trading created a webinar video specifically on this topic. Her webinar entitled “Day to Day Living in Hyperinflation” is available here. Following is a brief written synopsis of her webinar and graphics. Shop for gold and silver online. ITM Trading’s gold and silver store Before we … Read More »

Silver Value Or Collector Value?

Silver Value : Bottlecaps

There are all types of things that people collect. Bert from Sesame Street collected bottle caps. I believe “Figgy Fizz” was his favorite one. In general, used bottle caps don’t have much value. There may be too many of them for rarity to be a factor. There may be no demand for a particular bottle cap, and that will make the value infinitesimal. While silver value has been relatively constant throughout American history, there are several things that people once … Read More »

Silver Cost And Career Ending Errors

Silver Cost : Mariner

Sometimes work doesn’t go so well. Sometimes a day at work goes so poorly that you end up going home early, and you never go back. This little phenomenon is known as getting fired. Some people deserve to get fired, and other people don’t deserve to get fired. One way or the other, I’m pretty confident that in each of these little stories to follow, someone deserved to get fired, and someone probably did. Each of these stories also had … Read More »

The Best Time To Buy Gold: During Retail Collapse?

The Best Time To Buy Gold; Closed Mall

Long-term investing is really about recognizing long-term trends, essentially, and it always has been. There used to be an investing strategy called “buy and hold” that boiled down to buying large blue chip stock positions as early in life as you could and through the magic of the stock markets you would be able to retire on your stock gains and dividends. Warren Buffet himself has said that the “buy and hold” strategy is dead. Markets move too quickly these … Read More »

A-Mark Bullion Update

5.17.2016 .US equities started off hot today but quickly reversed course after the release of US economic data and commentary from a Federal Reserve official.  Consumer prices jumped the most in more than three years as CPI m/m came in at .40% versus economists’ estimates of .30%.  The rise in consumer prices, an indication of inflation picking up towards the Fed’s eventual goal of 2%, was largely attributed to gasoline prices surging the most in four years.  Atlanta Fed President … Read More »

A-Mark Bullion Update

May 10, 2016. US non-farm payrolls disappointed on Friday of last week, adding just 160,000 jobs in the month of April.  This was the worst figure since October of last year and well below the consensus estimate of 200,000.  Despite the economic release, the USD shrugged off the news and the USD index is now up for the sixth day in a row.  USD strength weighed on gold over the weekend and Asia entered the market as a seller on … Read More »

Reputable Silver Investments Vs. Reputable Companies

Gold Cost : Davila

This article is a companion piece of sorts to another article I wrote available here. The general idea is that a company known as the Reputation Institute has released a report they compiled listing the top 100 companies worldwide as they are perceived by consumers in fifteen countries over seven separate criteria. My other article compared reputable gold investments to the company at rank number twenty-four, L’Oreal, and the company at rank number twenty-one, Amazon. This article will illustrate a … Read More »