Lynette Zang And Lior Gantz Interview With The Maestro Way

Lynette Zang And Lior Gantz Interview

On August 22, 2017, ITM Trading’s Lynette Zang joined Lior Gantz of in an interview conducted by The Maestro Way. This interview is quite interesting in the fact that the participants are all from a different generation, different backgrounds, and Lior brings an international perspective. Lynette Zang And Lior Gantz Interview Overview: Lior makes the point that the US is not nearly as powerful economically as it once was. The world sees an obvious power shift towards the East … Read More »

Silver Coins And Bars

Silver Holiday Coins And Bars

Perhaps you had a grandparent that used to give you silver dollars at Christmas time or for your birthday. Maybe you used to get a silver dollar every now and again from the Tooth Fairy. If you are old enough (born before roughly 1960) then you would remember that all of the dimes or quarters or fifty-cent pieces you received for baby teeth were made of silver. Giving silver holiday coins and bars is a tradition for some people already. … Read More »

A-Mark Bullion Update

May 2,2016 With the UK and several other major markets out on holiday yesterday, gold cracked above the $1,300 psychological threshold for the first time in over a year.  The move took place in thin trading conditions and despite being predominantly technically driven, the yellow metal was also aided by an overall weak USD. Gold tested above $1,300 yet again today but was unable to sustain gains.  On the heels of positive US economic data, Federal Reserve President of Atlanta Dennis … Read More »

How To Be Conscientious When Choosing A Gold Coin Dealer

Most Common Counterfeits: ITM Sells Real Gold And Silver

Now that you have decided to buy gold and silver coins and bars, there are a lot of questions you need to ask and a lot of research that needs to be done before you mail off a check or initiate a wire transfer with a gold coin dealer Fortunately, today there are more ratings and resources available to you that can help you choose the best gold coin dealer to buy rare gold coins and bullion from. You may … Read More »

Should I Pay Down Debt Or Buy Gold And Silver?

From time to time on the ITM Trading website and blog a reader will leave a comment or ask a question that is keen and on point. I try to answer those questions regarding the decisions to buy gold and silver because I feel that if the reader took the time to search out an article on and then read the article and respond with a relevant question, that that person definitely deserves an answer. At ITM Trading we … Read More »

Counterfeit Silver – Easy At Home Tests

One sure way to lose in the world of silver investing is to buy counterfeit silver. And, the types of counterfeit silver that you may encounter can differ significantly, including counterfeit silver that is truly silver, but more on that later. There are a few ways you can test for counterfeit silver at home with simple items that you may have at your disposal. While these methods to detect counterfeit silver will vary in ease and accuracy, they are probably … Read More »