Unusual Rare US Gold Coins And How They Came To Be

Sure many people have heard about Saint-Gaudens and Gold Double Eagles. However, US history is full of interesting facts and so is the coinage of the United States of America. Following is a short article about two unusual rare US gold coins and how they came to be. The first coin, a three dollar gold piece, was coined for thirty-five years, but in relatively small quantities due to lack of popularity. The rarest of these pieces is the 1870 S … Read More »

Really Old Gold Coins

Sometimes investments go awry, and when they do, they go awry for a variety of reasons. Maybe mismanagement is one reason for losses, perhaps incompetence is another. Greed, theft and avarice can also be contributing reasons as to why what should have been a good investment ends up returning losses. Technology, real estate, stocks, bonds and mutual funds all have their own way of going broke, and some do so more quickly and spectacularly than others. Really old gold coins, … Read More »

Gold Questions Answered

The professionals at ITM Trading are easily some of the keenest, informed and studied that I have ever worked with. Commonly an ITM Trading senior analyst will spend an hour or two with a client or a caller helping them get their gold questions answered. Since gold is a currency as well as an asset, an informed gold dealer must understand currencies and economies as well as know the nuance differences between gold coins and rare American gold coins. When … Read More »

PCGS Graded Coins For Sale At ITM Trading

Most Common Counterfeits :: A GENUINE MS 65 $20 Gold Coin

PCGS graded coins are coins that have been submitted to and graded by the Professional Coin Grading Service company, which was established in California in 1985, for authentication and grading. In the last 30+ years PCGS graded coins have set the highest standards in the coin grading industry. This is by no mistake. David Hall and Silvano DiGenova, along with five other experienced coin dealers, saw the need for established standards of coin grading, as well as the need for … Read More »

Counterfeit Gold Coins – Types Of

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In the world of counterfeit gold coins there are several types that exist, and there is probably someone out there right now trying to come up with a new way to counterfeit gold coins. Being that gold coins have not been the common currency of the United States now for quite some time, detecting counterfeit gold coins is becoming a much less common ability. Old Types Of Counterfeit Gold Coins. The majority of old counterfeit gold coins are exactly what … Read More »

NGC Graded Coins For Sale At ITM Trading

NGC graded coins are coins that have been submitted to and graded by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation company. This company was established in 1987 in Parsippany, New Jersey. In 2004 NGC relocated its offices to Sarasota, Florida. In 2006 NGC once again relocated his offices to a much larger 60,000 ft.² building with secured entrances and exits. This building is still in Sarasota, Florida however. NGC is reported to employ nearly 30 full-time coin graders, and is said to have … Read More »

Rare Gold Coins Vs Probate

Recently, dear reader, I wrote about an article written by Robert Wood for Forbes that was published in October 2014. What caught my attention about his article was that it dealt with gold and silver treasure that had been found after Vikings reportedly buried the precious metal treasure in the bogs of Scotland. Wood’s article and my writing based around his article also dealt with the taxation surrounding the findings of a rare silver cup and rare gold coins and … Read More »