Stocks and Inflation

2-24-17 Historic PE ratio chart

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What is Inflation?

Translated by YouTube hi guys Lynette Zang Chief market analyst here with ITM Trading a full service physical precious metals brokerage house. Today I’m going to start talking about inflation because i don’t think people really understand it. Milton Friedman said inflation is one form of Taxation that can be imposed without legislation Eric be one up thank you. This is baked into fiat money so by design over time it is designed to the to get you to work … Read More »

Gold ETF’S Silver ETF’S Buying Paper

Gold and silver ETF’S buying fiat gold and silver.     Finding ITM Trading Online Website – Shop for gold and silver online YouTube – FaceBook – Twitter –   YouTube Translation hi guys let’s hang here chief market out what that itm trading a full-service physical golden silver broker child before we start on the field en flv can be seated yeah this is the last head of cauliflower out of my garden my daughters … Read More »

2016 Gold Investing Results

2016 Gold Investing Results

2016 is in the books. The year is over and those that tally numbers have tallied them. Some investments have done well, some not-so-well. Gold started off the 2016 year very strong against the US dollar. However, gold prices dropped quite a bit during the latter part of the year. Gold prices did, however, manage to post a 7.11% gain against the US dollar last year. The 2016 gold investing results, however, involve more than just the US. Gold is … Read More »

The Best Investments Of 2016

The Best Investments Of 2016

You can expect that when a year ends the people that tally numbers will begin tallying. They produce interesting results oftentimes. While pretty much no one invests January 1st to December 31st, it is informative and perhaps captivating to peruse the annual results. This short article will disclose some of the best investments of 2016 across all asset classes, including commodities. Before we get started, however, I want to introduce a couple of thoughts and truths. Commodity investing in the … Read More »

The Worst Investments Of 2016

The Worst Investments Of 2016

Whenever a year ends there are those that search for meaning in annual and year-over-year price differences. Realistically, no one invests 365 days at a time. Long-term investments are what most Americans trust and contribute to. However, there is important data and information to be gleaned from looking at the price changes that have occurred in the last twelve months or so. And, as humans, part of our nature is to learn from the mistakes of others, and this helps … Read More »

The New Muslim Gold Influence

Muslim Gold Influence

As Americans, many of us are rather ignorant of Muslims and why the news of Islamic Gold could have an effect on gold prices. Decades ago when there was no internet and trans-continental travel was required to bring the world closer together, the Middle East and the people that lived there seemed ridiculously far away.  Fast-forward to today where immigration and technology have been dominating, and it’s a different story. Muslims now number roughly 25% of the world population and … Read More »

Investing in Gold? Gold Is Like A Financial Possum

financial possum

A possum is a marsupial. Marsupials are rather unusual because they just tend to do things differently. So differently, in fact, marsupials are their own special infraclass of mammals, but more on that in a little bit. Possums are unique unto themselves, even within the exclusive order of marsupials.These very unique and special qualities that set possums apart from other marsupials allow us to draw an analogy between gold and a financial possum. Now, back to marsupials in general and … Read More »

Silver Value Or Collector Value?

Silver Value : Bottlecaps

There are all types of things that people collect. Bert from Sesame Street collected bottle caps. I believe “Figgy Fizz” was his favorite one. In general, used bottle caps don’t have much value. There may be too many of them for rarity to be a factor. There may be no demand for a particular bottle cap, and that will make the value infinitesimal. While silver value has been relatively constant throughout American history, there are several things that people once … Read More »

Collectible Gold Or Collectibles?

Glory Days Of Gold

What do you collect? If you are a gardener you may collect plants without even thinking about it. Maybe there are more cars and trucks in your driveway than there are drivers in the household. Perhaps there are a few rows of shoes in your closet or boxes and trays of expensive tools in your garage. These items could all be considered collections of sorts, but there are other collectibles that were at one time or another considered actual assets; … Read More »