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A-Mark Bullion Update

5.17.2016 .US equities started off hot today but quickly reversed course after the release of US economic data and commentary from a Federal Reserve official.  Consumer prices jumped the most in more than three years as CPI m/m came in…

A-Mark Bullion Update

May 10, 2016. US non-farm payrolls disappointed on Friday of last week, adding just 160,000 jobs in the month of April.  This was the worst figure since October of last year and well below the consensus estimate of 200,000.  Despite…

A-Mark Bullion Update

4.14.2016. After holding as support for five consecutive trading days last week, the 50 day moving average in gold finally gave up today. Gold topped out at $1,260 on Tuesday but sold off yesterday and has collapsed today more than…

Jim Rickards Interview On Coast To Coast

Recently on Coast To Coast AM, which is the largest and most heard late night radio show in the United States, radio host George Noory spent almost two hours conducting a Jim Rickards interview. Jim Rickards, who is also known…

A-Mark Bullion Update

March 22, 2016. Gold looked like it was about to break below double bottom support at $1,240 overnight and then terrorist attacks in Belgium reversed its course.  ISIS has claimed responsibility for explosions that killed 34 civilians in Belgium, 14…

A-Mark Bullion Update

March, 17, 2016. Gold traded lower for four consecutive days and looked like it was on the verge of collapsing below trendline support at $1,225 yesterday. This was all until the FOMC statement came out at 11 AM PST and…

401k vs Gold? An Easy Question

The ITM Trading website has been online now for more than a dozen years. In the beginning ITMTrading.com did little more than tell you who we were, what we sold, and what the phone number was. Today at ITMTrading.com you…

Gold As A Hedge Against Terrorism

We have been living through the War on Terror now for well over a decade. Whatever your political views are about the war are, the truth is they are just your views, and unfortunately, as Americans we often form our…

Gold Vs Financial Terrorism

As Americans we hear a lot about terrorism. I mean a lot. Violent terrorism seems to be most everywhere, except America, currently. That of course is not to say that America has not experienced terrorism. We all remember September 11,…

Gold Mining Weight Pullers

Back when gold mining and gold mining fever hit the United States, some might say that was the mid 1800’s, life was hard, in fact life was a lot harder than a gold nugget. There was no indoor plumbing or…


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