A-Mark Bullion Update

On Friday, US non-farm job growth for the month of May came in much weaker than expected at 138,000 jobs added, widely missing the consensus of 181,000.  The USD sold off and gold, which had been stalling, closed out the week at five week highs.  The lackluster jobs data has made participants reassess the Fed’s policy for the remainder of the year.  With the likelihood of a September rate hike easing, President Trump dealing with potential legal issues, and geopolitical … Read More »

From Owning Gold To Owing Debts : An American Demise

scrap gold

Recently I wrote an article about the fact that many Americans have turned in much of their scrap gold. The figures are pretty clear and rather startling. Times were very tough in 2008, and many Americans lost much of what they had in the way of investments and savings. But, by 2011, gold prices were at an all-time high in America. At one point, gold touched $1900 per ounce. Americans flocked to sell their gold, often at a 50% discount, … Read More »

Why You Should Rent An RV And Buy Gold Coins.

Rent An RV And Buy Gold Coins

Recently I read an article that started me thinking. The primary focus of the article was to point out that Americans have probably sold most of their scrap gold. One fact offered in the article to back up this point is that Americans turned in more scrap gold in 2003 when gold prices averaged $363 an ounce than they did last year when gold prices averaged $1267 an ounce. In case you are wondering, Americans sold the most gold (160 … Read More »

A-Mark Bullion Update

5-23-2017 Two weeks ago market participants were convinced that gold would sink down to the $1,200 handle.  That sentiment has quickly shifted with the euro marching higher and with headlines including a possible impeachment of President Trump, another North Korean ballistic missile test over the weekend, and an ISIS terrorist incident at a concert in London last night.  Gold is now in a higher range yet again with the 200 day moving average providing support on dips and a triple … Read More »

Robo-Advisers Vs. Gold Bullion Coins And Bars

Robo-Advisers Vs Gold

What is a robo-adviser? Chances are pretty good that you will be hearing a lot about robo-advisers in the next several years. By then, however, they will probably have a cute and less daunting name. They may be referred to as an electronic financial adviser, or perhaps a Charles Schwab money app, or a Chase money management system, etc. Ultimately, some marketing firm will decide what name you hear on the commercial hyping a robo-adviser, but nonetheless, it will still … Read More »

A-Mark Bullion Update

5.9.2017 On Sunday night, the market’s breathed a sigh of relief as Emmanuel Macron easily beat the right-wing populist and nationalist candidate Marine Le Pen in the French presidential election.  With Japan returning from Golden week to find much lower gold prices, gold received an initial bump up on Sunday evening trading.  The pop higher was short lived though as the Macron victory encouraged broader market selling.  Geopolitical tensions, in general, have subsided substantially in the last few weeks (especially … Read More »

A-Mark Bullion Update

Over the weekend, France’s presidential election narrowed down to two candidates in Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen.  Macron is ahead of Le Pen in election polls heading into next month’s presidential election and his agenda is considered to be market friendly, including labor market reforms as well as cutting excessive public spending.  Macron’s current position in the election, the avoidance of a nightmare run off between Le Pen and Melenchon, and North Korea failing to launch a nuclear missile … Read More »

A-Mark Bullion Update

Escalating tensions with North Korea have kept gold buoyant and hovering right under the highs of 2017 thus far. On Sunday, North Korea attempted a missile launch (non-nuclear) but it failed “almost immediately” according to South Korean and US military officials. The launch took place just hours before US Vice President Pence arrived in South Korea for a visit. Also, satellite images suggest that North Korea is ready and willing to carry out another nuclear test. This information comes just … Read More »

A-Mark Bullion Update

3.14.2017 The markets, from equities to commodities, are quiet today ahead of tomorrow’s much anticipated FOMC statement. While it is widely expected that the Fed will increase the benchmark rate by .25%, participants are still sidelined today ahead of the decision. Volume in Comex April gold stands at only 155,000 lots so far today, the lightest it has been since April became the active contract month at the end of January. Speculative Comex longs fell from three month highs in … Read More »

Stocks New Highs in 2017

2-22-17 S&P Rallied as consensus adjusted EPS were revised down

Youtube Translation Hi everybody and then chief market analyst here at ITM Trading a full-service physical precious metals brokerage house and we all probably heard about the stock market globally making new highs yet again and beating the longest streak of new high ever cetera et cetera so this is what that looks like but let’s ask let’s just kind of look a little bit beneath the surface is just the dojo that’s all we know that’s low level of … Read More »